Official Development Assistance (ODA)

ODA Evaluation Seminars and Workshops

February 17, 2023

The 19th ODA Evaluation Workshop (February 27-28, 2024, Online)

  • Report of the 19th ODA Evaluation Workshop (coming soon)


<Session 1> Strong M&E System for Improving Development Results
The Policy Evaluation System of the Japanese Government PDFOpen a New Window Video
Evaluation in Nepal: Constitutional Provisions and Institutionalization Processes PDFOpen a New Window Video
Policy and Institutional Arrangement for M&E in the Philippines: The case of ODA Projects PDFOpen a New Window Video
Institutionalization of evaluation in Sri Lanka: Regulations institutions professionalization and academic courses PDFOpen a New Window Video
<Session 2> JICA’s Efforts
JICA's Project Evaluation PDFOpen a New Window Video
Project Monitoring and Evaluation of JICA Technical Cooperation Project using World Bank High Frequency Household Survey Method named SWIFT PDFOpen a New Window Video
<Session 3> Japan's Efforts for Evaluation Capacity Development
Collaboration among APEA JES MOFA and JICA for Human Resources Development in Evaluation PDFOpen a New Window Video
Project Evaluation Design: Sharing the progress and achievement from NEDA PDFOpen a New Window Video
Country-led Evaluation of ODA support to India: Presentation of interim findings by partner-country evaluators PDFOpen a New Window Video
<Session 4> Effective Use of Monitoring and Evaluation for Evidence Based VNRs - Examples from Asian and Pacific Countries
Accelerating progress towards the SDGs through evidence-based VNRs PDFOpen a New Window Video
Study on the Status of M&E Practices on SDGs in Selected Countries in the Asia Pacific Region PDFOpen a New Window Video
Mongolia's VNR Journey: Lessons Learned in M&E for Sustainable Development Report PDFOpen a New Window Video

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