Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Japan's International Cooperation

May 2, 2014

Part I
International Cooperation as Investment in the Future

Chapter 1 The Role of ODA in a Changing International Landscape (PDF, 766KB)

  1. Section 1 Developing Countries and ODA in a Global Economy
  2. Section 2 Partnering with Diverse Actors Linked by ODA
  3. Section 3 ODA for Investing in the Future

Chapter 2 The Growth of Southeast Asia and the Role of Japan (PDF, 775KB)

  1. Section 1 Realizing Growth through Infrastructure Development
  2. Section 2 Human Resource Development: Japan's Cooperation which Forms the Foundation of Nation-Building
  3. Section 3 Myanmar: The Future of a Frontier Supported by Public-Private Partnerships

Chapter 3 Hand in Hand with a More Dynamic Africa: TICAD V and Japan's Initiatives (PDF, 818KB)

  1. Section 1 African Development: Current Status and Challenges
  2. Section 2 African Growth and What is Desired of ODA
  3. Section 3 Challenges to and Japan's Efforts for Further Growth

Stories from the field (Columns)

  1. Protecting the Bridge of Friendship between Japan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the Next Generation (PDF, 1.07MB)
    — Maintaining Africa's Largest Suspension Bridge —
  2. Education is Much Mightier than the Sword: An Education Improvement Project for Malala's Homeland (PDF, 1.06MB)
    — Supporting hard and soft infrastructure for vocational training in Pakistan —
  3. Saving Lives by Promoting Hand Washing in Hospitals (PDF, 1.06MB)
    — Saraya's Disinfection Business in Uganda —
  4. Bringing Infrastructure and Human Resources Together to Deliver Safe Water (PDF, 1.07MB)
    — Support for Cambodia from the Kitakyushu City Water and Sewer Bureau —
  5. Cultivating Agricultural Products Suited to the Local Area Together with Farmers (PDF, 1.09MB)
    — Training for Agriculture Extension Workers Begins in Zambia —
  6. Madam, This is Our Metro! (PDF, 1.08MB)
    — Female Civil Engineer in Charge of Subway Construction Quality and Safety Management in India —
  7. Implementing Strategic Plans for ICT Designed by Rwandans Themselves (PDF, 1.06MB)
    — Supporting efforts to build foundation for ICT as national development and business endeavor —
  8. Creating Our Own System through Our Own Deliberation, Trial, and Error (PDF, 1.09MB)
    — Supporting Local Government Reform in Tanzania —
  9. I Want to Make Children Smile and Foster the Great Athletes of the Next Generation (PDF, 1.07MB)
    — The Story of Laos' First Football Instructor from Japan —
  10. Latin America's "Illness of the Poor Stratum": Fighting Chagas Disease Together with Local Residents (PDF, 1.08MB)
    — Implementing a Control and Surveillance Project to Deal with the Insect Vector of the Kissing Bug in Nicaragua —
  11. Encouraging Elementary School Students to Improve Their Schools through Classroom Cleaning and Children's Clubs (PDF, 1.08MB)
    — The Activities of Save the Children Japan in Iraq —
  12. Fostering a Spirit of Self-reliance through Demining (PDF, 1.07MB)
    — Activities of Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS) in Angola —
  13. Japanese Civil Engineering Alleviates Traffic Jams in Hanoi (PDF, 1.07MB)
    — Construction of Nhat Tan Bridge, Proof of Friendship that Exists between Viet Nam and Japan —
  14. Promoting Growth among Craftspeople through Japanese Corporate Quality Standards (PDF, 1.06MB)
    — Global Debut of Kyrgyz Felt Products at MUJI —
  15. Collaborating with Local Community to Improve Water Environment (PDF, 1.06MB)
    — Activities of JEN, NGO Supporting Syrian Refugees in Jordan —
  16. Save Kenya's Roads, Arteries of the East African Economy! (PDF, 1.07MB)
    — An Expressway Professional Creates a New Road Management Framework —
  17. Ensuring Stable Incomes through Shellfish Aquaculture (PDF, 1.09MB)
    — Technical Support for Shellfish Aquaculture in Eastern El Salvador —
  18. Saving Beautiful Island from Waste through the Power of Community (PDF, 1.08MB)
    — Japanese Working to Resolve Waste Problem on Vava’u Island in Tonga —
  19. An Indigenous Union Makes Inroads into Coffee Industry (PDF, 1.74MB)
    — JICA Partnership Program and a Café in Mexico —
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