(April 10-11, 2016)

April 14, 2016
(画像)Welcome Reception Welcome Reception
(画像)G7 Hiroshima Foreign Ministers' Meeting G7 Hiroshima Foreign Ministers' Meeting
(画像)G7 Foreign Ministers Visit Itsukushima Shrine G7 Foreign Ministers Visit Itsukushima Shrine
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    G7 Foreign Ministers lay wreaths
    at the Cenotaph for the Atomic Bomb Victims
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    (Photo : The Sankei Shinbun)
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    Presidency press conference by Foreign Minister Kishida



  • Report to G7 Foreign Ministers by the G7 Working Group on Climate Fragility (English) (PDF)Open a New Window) (April 11, 2016)

1. What is the G7/G8 Foreign Ministers' Meeting?

The G7/G8 Foreign Ministers' Meeting, one of the G7/G8 Summit-related Minister-level Meetings, most accurately reflects the latest trends in international politics. This important meeting has far-reaching implications on policies around the world.

The last 2015 G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held in Lubeck, Germany, addressed the regional issues like East Asia, Iran, and ISIL-related issue, Ukraine and Russia situation, as well as global issues like counterterrorism, nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, or maritime security.

2. Overview of the Previous Meetings

Year Presidency Place
2015 Germany Lubeck
2013 United Kingdom London
2012 United States Washington, D.C.
2011 France Paris
2010 Canada Gatineau
2009 Italy Trieste
2008 Japan Kyoto
Note: Due to the situation in Ukraine, the meeting under Russian presidency in 2014 was not held.

3. Basic Information of the 2016 G7 Hiroshima Foreign Ministers' Meeting

(1) Date

From Sunday, April 10 to Monday, April 11, 2016

(2) City

City of Hiroshima and surrounding area (Hiroshima Prefecture)

(3) Participating countries etc.

Japan (G7 Presidency), Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, European Union

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