Diplomatic Archives

October 1, 2023

The Diplomatic Archives has been publishing Journal of the Diplomatic Archives since March 1988, and generally publishes one issue every year.
The published content generally concerns lectures and study sessions hosted by the Diplomatic Archives, introductions to historical materials, research theses, overviews of Documents on Japanese Foreign Policy, assorted reports and news about the Diplomatic Archives.
From the 27th issue it has become possible to view all the articles in the issue (Japanese text only).

[Note] There are some Chinese characters (kanji) in the table of contents that are obsolete or nonstandard, and therefore unable to be displayed in the linked webpages, and have been substituted with current ones.

Copies of the Journal of the Diplomatic Archives are distributed to major metropolitan, prefectural, and municipal libraries and university libraries, etc.
It is also possible to view and copy them at the Diplomatic Archives.

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