North America


July 25, 2019

Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements


Under the security environment surrounding Japan which is becoming increasingly severe, it is indispensable to strengthen the Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements and to enhance the deterrence of the Japan-U.S. Alliance not only to the security of Japan but also to the peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region. Based on the robust bilateral relationship confirmed through such meetings as the Japan U.S. Summit Meeting in April 2015, Japan and the U.S. are expanding and strengthening cooperation in a wide range of areas, including ballistic missile defense, cyber space and space. Japan and the U.S. have been working closely on the realignment of U.S. Forces in Japan (USFJ), including the relocation of Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Futenma and the relocation of U.S. Marine Corps in Okinawa to Guam, in order to mitigate impact on local communities, including Okinawa, while maintaining the deterrence of the USFJ.