Japan-United States of America Relations


April 12, 2016

Host Nation Support (HNS)

From the standpoint that it is important to ensure stable stationing of U.S. forces in Japan and smooth and effective operation of the Japan-U.S. security arrangements as the security situation surrounding Japan becomes more and more severe, the Japanese government bears the rent for U.S. forces facilities and areas and the Facility Improvement Program (FIP) funding within the scope of the Status of U.S. Forces Agreement. Under special measures agreements, Japan also bears labor costs, utility costs, and training relocation costs for U.S. forces in Japan.

Both the governments of Japan and the United States conducted a comprehensive review on HNS to make it more stable, efficient, and effective, and signed a new Special Measures Agreement on January 21, 2011. The new agreement took effect after approval by the Diet at the end of March that year. The effective period of this new Special Measures Agreement is five years, and the agreement specifies that (1) concerning the labor costs, the Upper Limit of the Number of Workers Japan funds is to be incrementally reduced from the current number of 23,055 to 22,625 during the period of the agreement, (2) the amount Japan is to bear for utilities each fiscal year shall be capped at 24.9 billion yen, with the percentage of the expenses being borne by Japan reduced incrementally from about 76% to 72% of annual utilities costs over the five years, (3) costs for training relocation to territory under the administration of the United States of America, such as Guam, are newly covered, and (4) the United States will make further efforts to economize on these expenses. Furthermore, the amount of reduction of labor and utilities costs will be added to FIP funding. Therefore, the overall level of the HNS is to be maintained at the FY2010 level (bearing in mind the budget of 188.1 billion yen for FY2010) over the five years starting from FY2011. These arrangements were reconfirmed in the 2+2 Joint Statement of June 2011.