G20 Osaka Summit

Special Summit Seminar: “Let’s learn about the G20 Summit!”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) and Osaka City are holding joint seminars in schools entitled “Let’s learn about the G20 Summit!” to help deepen local residents’ awareness in advance of the G20 Summit to be held in Osaka on June 28 and 29. These special explanatory seminars were kicked off on December 10, 2018.

The inaugural seminar took place at Sakishima Minami Integrated Elementary and Junior High School (Osaka Municipal Nanko Minami Elementary and Junior High Schools), located in Osaka City, where summit meeting will be convened for the June conference. Sixth-grade elementary and first-grade junior high students participated in the seminars, which were separated into morning and afternoon sessions.

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Staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs served as the lecturer, explaining the jobs performedrole of the by MOFA and specific issues on significance of holding the G20 agenda in Japan. The lecturer spotlighted how international issues are closely related to our daily lives by asking students about their breakfast and explaining that most of the wheat in the toast bread they may have enjoyed is imported from other countries. The children listened intently throughout the lecture.

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Junior high school students who participated in the seminars felt more connected with the G20 meetings, offering comments such as, “I was never interested in politics before, but now I really want to hear about what is going on.” and “At first, we thought that the G20 had nothing to do with us. We were really surprised finding out that they would discuss environmental issues and other things that affect us too.”


Hirofumi Yoshimura, Osaka City Mayor, offered official greetings at the lecture for junior high students, explaining, “President Trump from the U.S., President Putin from Russia, and President Xi from China will be here to participate in the G20 Summit. It means that the most spotlighted annual meeting of world leaders will be held at INTEX OSAKA, right here in Suminoe Ward. I hope anyone interested in learning about or playing an active role in the future of our world will pay close attention to the G20 Summit.


An Osaka city official involved in the G20 preparations further explained how hosting the Summit creates excellent PR for the city. “Osaka has many great tourist spots and wonderful cuisine. Also we have Kyoto and Kobe right next door. We want to show to the world how amazing the entire Kansai region is.”


Yuji Takashima, principal of Sakishima Minami Integrated Elementary and Junior High School, explained, “We welcomed the opportunity to host the inaugural G20 seminar, as we try to provide students with many experiences. I hope this lesson will prompt students to broaden their dreams and strive for careers that will send them all over the world.”

The seminars will be held towards the end of March, ultimately reaching all 14 elementary and junior high schools in Suminoe Ward.