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July 20, 2022

1. Official Administration

(1) The Social Media sites are managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

(2) Content of posts

The contents of the Social Media sites include Japan’s foreign policy, daily activities at the Ministry, photographs and videos.

2. Management of comments

(1) Responding to comments

The Social Media sites are focused on an informational purpose only, so the Ministry will not respond to any comments or messages posted on the Social Media sites.

(2) Deleting comments

We reserve the right to exercise our editorial control over the Social Media sites, and we might hide, in part or in full, delete or decline comments which are unrelated to the original topics or deemed to fall under any of the following conditions without notifying the users.

  • Comments that infringe a law, ordinance, or other regulations;
  • Comments that violate public order and morals;
  • Comments that promote criminal acts;
  • Comments that slander or defame a particular individual, company, group, or other entities, or damages their reputation or trustworthiness;
  • Comments that are breaches of privacy, including disclosing and leaking personal information without the authorization of its owner;
  • Comments that breach third-party rights, including patents, design rights, copyrights, trademarks, and portrait rights;
  • Comments’ that are intended to generate profit;
  • Comments that include false information or significantly deviate from the truth;
  • Comments that include abusive, obscene, indecent, offensive words or link to websites with such contents;
  • Comments that intend to take viewers to other websites;
  • Comments with the same or similar contents posted repeatedly by the same user;
  • Comments that violate the terms and conditions of the hosting Social Media policy;
  • Other comments considered to be inappropriate for the management of the homepage;

(3) Banning users

We also reserve the right to ban users who post comments listed above. Those users who violate the moderation policy may be banned permanently.

(4)Banning the usage of the URL shortening service

For security reasons, we prohibit the use of URL shortening service as a general rule, unless the social media has an automatic URL shortening service itself and cannot avoid its usage.

3. URLs of the Social Media sites

4. Discontinuation and closure of social media accounts

The Ministry may, without prior notice, discontinue the operation of its social media accounts and close them at any time.

5. Modification of the Policy

We may at any time, without notice, revise this policy and other information contained in this Page.

6. Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights over the photographs, illustrations, audio, video, and text, etc., posted on the Social Media sites belong to the Ministry or those with valid rights.
People are free to use such as "Like (Facebook)" and "Retweet (Twitter)" functions (include similar functions) for the posts on the Social Media sites. All the information on the sites may be reused with attribution. However, this does not apply to information marked "All Rights Reserved"

7. Disclaimer

  • The Ministry is taking every possible care to ensure the accuracy of the information posted on the Social Media sites. However, the Ministry is not responsible for any consequences whatsoever that may result from decisions or actions taken by users based on the information on the Social Media sites.
  • Please note that the Ministry is not responsible for any inter-user trouble caused by the Social Media sites or damages suffered as a result, or for any user-third party trouble caused by the Social Media sites or damages suffered as a result.
  • The copyright and other rights of the posts, including comments, belong to the users who made the post. However, by posting content, it is deemed that the user licensed the right to utilize the content globally at no charge and on a non-exclusive basis to the Ministry, and it is deemed that the user has consented not to exercise its copyright or other rights against the Ministry.
  • The Ministry bears no responsibility for any other damages caused by the Social Media sites.
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