G20 Osaka Summit



All media representatives wishing to cover the G20 Osaka Summit 2019 must apply for and obtain an official G20 Osaka Summit media accreditation (Media ID Badge). Applications for Media ID Badges should be made within the time period specified below for all individuals (including messengers and drivers). Media organization must first register the organization’s information in order to apply for Media ID Badges.

Media Organization Registration (The application period has ended.):

12pm, April 2 (Tuesday) - April 26 (Friday) *Japan time (GMT +9)

Media Personnel ID Application (Media ID Badge)(The application period has ended.):

April 8 (Monday) - May 31 (Friday) *Japan time (GMT +9)
*Note: Those wishing to receive Media ID Badges collectively in advance in Tokyo should submit the application for Media ID Badges by May 17 (Friday).

Application process (from request to issue of Media ID Badge)

  1. Media Organization Registration (The application period has ended.)

    Please assign one person (Application Manager) to be in charge of the accreditation process for your media organization. If your organization requires a large number of Media ID Badges, you may assign Application Proxies (additional accounts) with authorization to perform Media ID Badge application procedures (data entry).
    Freelance journalists should apply for Media ID Badges through their affiliated media organizations. Unaffiliated freelance journalists should apply individually for Media Organization Registration (and seek accreditation following approval of Media Organization Registration).

  2. Notification of Media ID Badge application website address

    Application Managers will receive an e-mail including a link (URL) to apply for Media ID Badges once their media organization has been successfully registered and approved.

  3. Applying for media accreditation (Media ID Badge)

    Application Managers should use the password set when applying for Media Organization Registration to access the Media ID Badge application website and complete media accreditation applications for all necessary personnel (including messengers and drivers) requiring Media ID Badges as quickly as possible.
    Unaffiliated freelance journalists should apply for media accreditation/Media ID Badges individually.

  4. Issue of Media ID Badges

    Media ID Badges will be issued and delivered collectively to respective media organizations before the Summit begins. Each Application Manager will be provided details of where to pick up Media ID Badges based on the location selected when they applied for Media Organization Application (June 18/19 in Tokyo; June 25/26 in Osaka). However, Media ID Badges applied on and after May 18 (Saturday) will be delivered in Osaka, even if “Tokyo” was selected on the application. Furthermore, any Media ID Badges not picked up in advance in Tokyo or Osaka as designated will be made available at the on-site desk from June 27.

Documents required for Media Organization Registration

  • Either the media organization representative’s certificate of employment or a certificate of commercial registration indicating the name of the media organization representative (PDF or JPEG, 2MB or less).

【Unaffiliated freelance journalists】

  • A letter of recommendation (reference) from a media organization or governmental organization (if available)
  • A color copy of a regular membership card from the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan (FCCJ) (for foreign press, if available)
  • An article bearing the writer’s name (the most recent article published within the past 6 months)

Documents required to apply for Media Accreditation (Media ID Badge)

  • Facial photograph data (JPEG, between 700KB and 2MB)
  • Photo identification (PDF or JPEG, 2MB or less)
  • Certificate of employment (PDF or JPEG, 2MB or less)
    Unaffiliated freelance journalists should submit the same documents used for media organization registration. (See above)


  • Due to security reasons, requests for, and issue of, new Media ID Badges will not be accepted at the on-site desk.
  • Due to capacity limitations and for security reasons, the official programs for the G20 OSAKA SUMMIT 2019 (including the partners’ programs and airport coverage but excluding the presidency press conference) will be covered only by the host broadcaster, host photographers, or media pool members of participating countries / international organization. Pertinent information concerning media coverage will be made available to the relevant media organizations at a later time.
  • Application for and issue of Media ID Badges do not support or guarantee the acquisition of a visa or enter into Japan.

<Inquiries regarding application procedures>
G20 OSAKA SUMMIT Accreditation Support Center (Japanese and English)
TEL: +81- 50-3646-8620
Email: accreditation@inquiry201906.ac-g20osaka.go.jp
Office Hours: 09:30 -18:00 (JAPAN TIME, GMT+9)
(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and April 27 –May 6 (Japanese public holidays))