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5. Broadening the Partnership

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5-1. Promote South-South Cooperation - Asia-Africa Cooperation, Africa-Africa Cooperation

Yokohama Action Plan Proposed Measures by Japan/Implementing Partners Implementing
Potential Resources, Possible Contributions (Summary)
[1]Transfer efficiently skill and technique, share knowledge and experience, and promote joint research within Africa and between Asia and Africa. ● Promote effective technical transfer and capacity building through South-South Cooperation GoJ(MAFF) (i) Provide budget to FAO Trust Fund FY 2006-2012*
(ii) Hold Training & Seminars (¥98 million** for FY 2008, ¥127 million for FY 2009)
● Promote knowldege-sharing and joint research activities through establishing and utilizing the network of universities and research institutions within and between Asia and Africa in the fields of renewable energy, food security, health, gender in science and technology, etc GoJ(MOFA)/UNDP/UNESCO (i) Through JHRD Fund, organize needs assessment study for Asia-Africa University Network (AADUN).
(ii) Based on the study, facilitate to launch concrete joint research activities in collaboration with UNITWIN Networks and UNESCO Chairs
●Enhance African local NGOs’ (member associations’) understanding about human security concept and its careful application in planning and implemention of activities and broadly share experiences within Africa IPPF Africa Regional Office
IPPF member associations in Africa including Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU); Family Planning Association of Liberia (FPAL); Family Planning Association of Angola (ANGOBEFA); Association de Bien-Etre Familial- Naissances Desirables (ANEF-ND)
Research on human security and reproductive health in Africa
[2]Promote the exchange of people, trade and investment and services to strengthen the ties between Asia and Africa. ● Promote Asia-Africa cooperation, as well as Japan/Africa/Africa tri-angular cooperation GoJ(MOFA)/JICA/UNDP/WBG/UNV/UNIDO GoJ (MOFA)/JICA: (i) Hold seminars in Japan or in third countries and (ii) help Asian countries dispatch experts to Africa out of GoJ/JICA Budget
GoJ/UNV: Dispatch Asian Volunteers to Africa (2006-2008: $ 1.65 million)
GoJ/UNDP/WBG: Hold the Fifth Africa-Asia Bussiness Forum (AABF V) in the early part of 2009
UNIDO/UNWTO: Provide technical cooperation for the organizaion of AABF V
WBG: Promote knowledge sharing between African countries and emerging partners in Asia, and seek co-financing in African countries from Asian partners
● Expand Asia Africa Knowledge Co-creation Program (AAKCP) JICA JICA: Promote AAKCP in 12 countries for improving management
● Continue to consider joint projects between Japan, Vietnam and an African country in the framework of trilateral cooperation based on the Strategic Partnership between Japan and Vietnam GoJ(MOFA)/GoV/JICA GoJ(MOFA)/JICA: JICA budget
GoV: (i) Send agricultural experts, (ii) expand models to other African countries, (iii) Open training courses*, (iv) Multilateral cooperation*

*Newly added in FY2009.
[3]Encourage the full use of existing institutions mandated in the field of South-South cooperation, such as the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and National Productivity Organizations in both Asia and Africa. ● Train core productivity professionals in Africa for the expansion of the productivity movement and create mechanisms for the National Productivity Organizations in APO members to proactively initiate assistance for the productivity movement in Africa APO (i) Transfer expertise from Asia-Pacific Region to the productivity movement in Africa, (ii) Hold training program to create a pool of productivity professionals and (iii) Organize the tailor-made program for the development of NPOs in Africa
[4]Others ● Promote triangular cooperation between Japan/Latin America/Africa JICA Contribute to Africa’s development through Japan-Brazil partnership

5-2. Deepen Regional Integration

Yokohama Action Plan Proposed Measures by Japan/Implementing Partners Implementing
Potential Resources, Possible Contributions (Summary)
[1]Encourage triangular cooperation, both in the context of intra-Africa and Asia-Africa 21 cooperation, recognizing the important role of the AU/NEPAD and RECs.

5-3. Broadening the Partnership

Yokohama Action Plan Proposed Measures by Japan/Implementing Partners Implementing
Potential Resources, Possible Contributions (Summary)
[1]Promote PPP, in recognition of the important role of private sector in the African development. ● Promote PPP JICA Contribute to Africa’s development through the partnership with private companies
[2]Enhance coordination with the civil society and encourage cooperation with the academia.

●Concrete projects will be selected through consultations between Japan/Implementing Partners and African countries.
●MDB projects are to be decided.
●$ = US dollars
●Assistance measures written on a yellow ground are those embodied in 2008 (JFY) after TICAD IV.
●Assistance measures written on a pink ground are those embodied in 2009 (JFY) after TICAD IV.

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