Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Japan's International Cooperation

October 9, 2018

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Japan's Development Cooperation Policy (PDF) Open a New Window

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Part I International Cooperation for Peace, Stability and Prosperity of the International Community

Chapter 1 Dynamism Created by combining "Two Continents" and "Two Oceans" (PDF) Open a New Window

  • Section 1 Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy
  • Section 2 Enhancing Connectivity via the Indo-Pacific Region
  • Section 3 Promoting "Quality Infrastructure" Development

Chapter 2 Maintaining a Free and Open International Order Based on the Rule of Law (PDF) Open a New Window

  • Section 1 Providing Support for Capacity Building in the Area of Maritime Safety
  • Section 2 Support for the Development of Legislation

Part II Initiatives towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Chapter 1 Promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (PDF) Open a New Window

  • Section 1 All-Japan Initiatives on the SDGs
  • Section 2 Initiatives for Making the SDGs a Mainstream Trend
  • Section 3 Climate Change Measures and SDGs

Chapter 2 Promotion of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) (PDF) Open a New Window

  • Section 1 Basic Design for Peace and Health
  • Section 2 Convening of the UHC Forum 2017
  • Section 3 Cross-Disciplinary Initiatives

Chapter 3 Promotion of the Humanitarian, Development and Peace Nexus (PDF) Open a New Window

  • Section 1 Humanitarian Assistance for Prolonged and Complex Humanitarian Crises
  • Section 2 A New Initiative: The Humanitarian, Development and Peace Nexus

Part III Development Cooperation in 2017

Chapter 1 Japan's Official Development Assistance in Terms of Disbursement (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 2 Specific Initiatives of Japan's Development Cooperation

Part IV Statistics and Reference Materials

Chapter 1 Japan's ODA Budget (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 2 Japan's ODA Disbursements (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 3 List of Bilateral Assistance Projects (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 4 ODA Disbursements to Multilateral Institutions (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 5 Reference Materials on Japan's ODA (PDF) Open a New Window

(Reference) Other Countries' ODA Disbursements (PDF) Open a New Window

Abbreviations (PDF) Open a New Window

Stories from the Field

  1. Assisting with Malawi's Version of the Maternal and Child Health Handbook (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Activities to Improve Children's Growth Records on Health Passport
  2. Providing People in Need with Advanced, Custom Made Prosthetics and Orthotics (PDF) Open a New Window
    - The Challenges of One Prosthetist in Timor-Leste
  3. Sharing Japan's Advanced Restoration Techniques with Engineers in Nepal (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Aiming to Restore World Heritage Sites Destroyed by the Earthquake
  4. Supporting Reconstruction and Peace through Socio-economic Development (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Working to Sustain Peace in Mindanao, the Philippines
  5. Promoting Economic Independence by Supporting Development of the Industrial Estate (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Japanese Assistance Acting as an Intermediary between Israel and Palestine
  6. Establishing a Pension System in Preparation for an Aging Society (PDF) Open a New Window
    -"SINRAI Project" in Mongolia
  7. Imparting Japan's Expertise in Productivity Improvement (PDF) Open a New Window
    -"KAIZEN" Aimed at Enhancing the Value of Pakistan's Apparel Products
  8. Restoring Forests and Rangelands and Creating New Income Opportunities (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Participatory Forest and Rangeland Management Project in Iran
  9. Restoring People's Trust for Administration through Japan's Support for Moving Forward Together (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Capacity Building Project for Government Services in Cote d’Ivoire
  10. Aiming to Improve Maternal and Child Health (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Strengthening the Healthcare Service System in Honduras
  11. Solving Garbage Disposal Issues and Introducing a Recycling System (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Plan to Build a Recycling Center in the Marshall Islands

Master Techniques from Japan to the World

  1. Strengthening the Ground Under Myanmar's Railroads (PDF) Open a New Window
    - The New Development of D-Box to Prevent Ground Subsidence and Collapse -
  2. Japanese Technology Changes Potato Cultivation in India (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Aiming for Mechanized Harvesting Through Improved Cultivation Methods -
  3. Expanding a Nursing-Care Service for Self-Support in the Philippines (PDF) Open a New Window
    - The Introduction of the Japanese Style Nursing-Care System that Stays Close to the Elderly -
  4. The Active Use of a Compact Fully Automated Smokeless Incinerator in Indonesia (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Prevention of Environmental Contamination by Decontaminating Dangerous Medical Waste -
  5. Hybrid Hydro and Photovoltaic Power Systems for Unpowered Rural Villages (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Contributing to the Improvement of the Lives of the Malawians through Electricity -
  6. Reviving the Sesame Industry in Paraguay! (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Towards Improvement of Production Management Technology and the Development of New Markets -

ODA Topics

  1. Japan's World-class Shinkansen Bullet Train Runs through the Vast Land of India (PDF) Open a New Window
  2. 30 Years of Spreading the Seeds of Smiles throughout the World (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Grass-Roots Grant Assistance Human Security Projects
  3. 30 Years of the Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) Law (PDF) Open a New Window
  4. The Entry into Force of the "Minamata Convention on Mercury" (PDF) Open a New Window
  5. Japan's Disaster Risk Reduction Cooperation and the "High School Students Islands Summit on World Tsunami Awareness Day 2017 in Okinawa" (PDF) Open a New Window
  6. Support for Japanese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Overseas Business Development Using ODA (PDF) Open a New Window
  7. "Reporting Directives," the Rulebook of Official Development Assistance (PDF) Open a New Window
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