Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Japan's International Cooperation

September 5, 2017

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Part I The G7 Ise-Shima Summit and the Development Cooperation Charter

Chapter 1 Initiatives of Japan as the G7 Presidency (PDF) Open a New Window

  • Section 1 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Section 2 Development and the Reduction of Disparities and Poverty
  • Section 3 Humanitarian Assistance Including Refugee and Migrant Issues
  • Section 4 Agendas Led by Japan

Chapter 2 Looking Back on the Year 2016 under the Development Cooperation Charter (PDF) Open a New Window

  • Section 1 What is the Development Cooperation Charter?
  • Section 2 Initiatives for Quality Growth
  • Section 3 Human Resources Development
  • Section 4 Realization of a Peaceful and Secure Society and Addressing Global Challenges
  • Section 5 Development Cooperation through Collaboration with Diverse Actors
  • Section 6 Securing the Safety of People Involved in International Cooperation Projects

Part II Development Cooperation in 2016

Chapter 1 Japan's Official Development Assistance in Terms of Disbursement (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 2 Specific Initiatives of Japan’s Development Cooperation (PDF) Open a New Window

Part III Statistics and Reference Materials

Chapter 1 Japan's ODA Budget (PDF) Open a New Window

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Chapter 4 ODA Disbursements through Multilateral Institutions (PDF) Open a New Window

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Stories from the Field

  1. Developing Human Resources as a Foundation for the Market Economy (PDF) Open a New Window
    -First Japanese-style business school in Uzbekistan
  2. JICA Volunteers Support Dairy Farming in Malawi (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Developing activities for improving veterinary techniques
  3. Supporting the Social Participation of Disabled Persons in Thailand (PDF) Open a New Window
    -A bakery supporting employment and independence
  4. Creating the First Unified Civil Code in South Asia (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Providing assistance on legal system development for nation building in Nepal
  5. Providing a Place to Learn for the Youth of Syria and Lebanon (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Seeking to promote mutual understanding between refugees and host communities
  6. Seeking Peace and Stability in Gaza (PDF) Open a New Window
    -The struggle of local staff members who are supporting JICA initiatives
  7. Changing Mindsets to Stop Littering, and Promote Sorting and Collecting Waste (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers engage in environmental education in Bolivia
  8. Responding to Landslides in Bosnia and Herzegovina (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Building mutual cooperation that transcends ethnic boundaries
  9. Supporting Nation Building in Ethiopia through Policy Dialogue (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Developing "Kaizen" as a popular movement to create a nation built on manufacturing
  10. Japan's Assistance Vastly Improves Crop Yields (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Working to improve agricultural productivity in mountainous regions of Peru
  11. Protecting the Forests of Papua New Guinea (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Japan's support for sustainable forest management
  12. Transforming Education with Braille Printers (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Supporting education and work opportunities for visually impaired persons in Serbia

Master Techniques from Japan to the World

  1. Introducing Sustainable Water Saving Agriculture Technology in Arid Areas of Morocco (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Unique technology helping to save water and improve soil quality in arid regions
  2. Sharing Medical Information with Patients through Mame-NET (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Utilizing IT to improve medical services in Viet Nam
  3. Bringing Safe Drinking Water to Micronesia (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Tackling water issues faced by Pacific Island countries
  4. Bringing High Added Value to the Myanmar Textile Industry (PDF) Open a New Window
    -An SME from a town famous for its textiles working together with the Ministry of Industry of Myanmar
  5. Bringing Light to Regions without Electricity in Nepal (PDF) Open a New Window
    -The challenge of "Cappa," a small hydro-kinetic power generator that can be carried by just two people
  6. Creating New Business in South Africa through Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Japanese companies creating electricity and employment from waste plastic

ODA Topics

  1. Visible Japanese Development Cooperation (PDF) Open a New Window
  2. Japan's Return to the OECD Development Centre (PDF) Open a New Window
  3. Towards the Realization of Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment (PDF) Open a New Window
  4. Connectivity in Asia (PDF) Open a New Window
  5. Revision and Improvement of ODA Systems (PDF) Open a New Window
  6. Aiming for the Improvement of ODA through Evaluation (PDF) Open a New Window
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