Japan's Diplomatic Activities








The edition mainly covers the period between April, 1986 and March, 1987.







Chapter  I.  Basic Tasks for Japanese Foreign Policy: Effecting a Historic Transformation and Contributing to a Better World


Chapter II.  Major International Developments and Japan's Major Diplomatic Activities in 1986

Section 1. Major International Developments

Section 2. Japan's Major Diplomatic Activities


Chapter III. Japan's Relations with Each Country and Region

Section 1. Asia

Section 2. Oceania

Section 3. North America

Section 4. Latin America

Section 5. Western Europe

Section 6. USSR and Eastern Europe

Section 7. Middle and Near East

Section 8. Africa


Chapter IV.  International Economic Relations

Section 1. Overview

Section 2. International Trade

Section 3. International Investment Issue

Section 4. International Monetary and Financial Problems

Section 5. Relations with Developing Countries

Section 6. Resources and Energy

Section 7. Science and Technology Cooperation, and Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation

Section 8. Food and Fishery Problems

Section 9. Environmental Problem


Chapter V.   Present State of Economic Cooperation

Section 1. Overview

Section 2. Technical Cooperation

Section 3. Capital Grant Assistance (Grant in Aid)

Section 4. ODA Loan

Section 5. Cooperation through International Organizations


Chapter VI.  Activities at the United Nations and Other International Cooperation

Section 1. Political Issues

Section 2. Disarmament

Section 3. Economic Issues

Section 4. Social Human Rights and Cultural Issues

Section 5. Administrative and Financial Problems

Section 6. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

Section 7. United Nations Specialized Agencies

Section 8. International Terrorism


Chapter VII. Cultural Exchange and Public Information

Section 1. Present State of Cultural Exchange Activities

Section 2. Present State of Media Cooperation and Public Information Activities


Chapter VIII. Japanese Travelers Abroad, Foreign Visitors to Japan

Section 1. Overview

Section 2. Overseas Travels by Japanese

Section 3. Protection of Japanese Abroad

Section 4. Well-Being of Japanese Nationals Overseas

Section 5. Emigration

Section 6. Entry of Foreign Nationals


Chapter IX.  Other Activities

Section 1. Upgrading of Diplomacy Machine

Section 2. Documents on Foreign Policy Issues


Appendix     References, Attached Lists


I. References

Chapter I.   Speeches by the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister at the National Diet


Chapter II.  Principal Addresses by Japanese Delegations


Chapter III. International Agreements Concluded by the Japanese Government


Chapter IV.  Documents Related to the Venezia Summit


II. Attached Lists

Chapter  I.  United Nations

Section 1. Trends of Major Countries' Scales of Assessment

Section 2. Relief and Aid Given to Refugees by Japan (Breakdown of Aid Recipients)


Chapter  II.  Economic Affairs

Section 1. Economic Indicators of Major Countries

Section 2. Japan's Trade


Chapter III. Economic Cooperation

Section 1. Japan's Economic Cooperation (Summary Table)

Section 2. Japan's Resource Flows to Multilateral Institutions (Net Disbursement Basis)


Chapter V.   Public Information

Section 1. Domestic Public Information

Section 2. Overseas Public Information


Chapter VI.  Cultural Affairs

Section 1. Activities of Japan Foundation

Section 2. Cultural Grant Cooperation

Section 3. Students Studying Abroad


Chapter VII.  Consular and Immigration