3. Economic Cooperation


1. Japan's Economic Cooperation (Summary Table)

(1) Records of Economic Cooperation

(Notes) 1. Total export credit in the reference column refers to the total of official export credit (of over one year) in the OOF column and private export credit (of over one year) in the PF column. Similarly, total direct investments refer to the total of II. 5. direct investment finances and III. 8. direct investment.

         2. As figures in each column were rounded, the actual total does not necessarily correspond with total column figures.

         3. Private flows are on a consolidated basis (including flows extended by overseas branches of Japanese banks)

         4. Technical assistance includes administrative expenses and public support for NGO.

   (Source) DAC data


(2) Records of Region-by-Region Economic Cooperation (1986)

Table of Region-by-Region Total


(Notes) 1. Breakdown figures may not add up to totals due to rounding.

         2. - mark denotes no record and - mark excess receipts.

         3. Failing into the unallocable category are dispatch of survey missions to two or more regions, subsidies to organizations taking care of students from abroad, management expenses related to JICA's and other groups' technical cooperation operations, and other items that cannot be classified by region.

         4. Aggregate total refers to the total of rough disbursement amounts.


(3) Flow of Financial Resourses to Developing Countries and Multilateral Institutions in 1985 (Glance at Comparison with Major Developed Countries)

(Notes) 1. Resource flows to DOM/TOM included

         2. Excluding debtrelief

         3. Based on the new DAC definition being studied (untied = open to all the OECD countries, all the developing countries; partially untied = open to all the developing countries; tied = all else, including contributions to the EEC)

         4. Excluding administrative expenses, and support of NGO

         5. Including EEC

         6. Countries with per capita GNP less than 700 dollars in 1983

         7. 1984-1985 average


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