2. Economic Affairs


1. Economic Indicators of Major Countries


(1) Trade

(a) Regional Breakdown of Trade (1985)

(Note)  a. COMECON countries, China and Vietnam are exluded from none-OECD countries.

         b. North African countries are included in Africa.

         c. China, North Korea and Vietnam are excluded. The ratios of do not add up necessarily to 100% because of rounding.

(Source) OECD statistics "Monthly Statistics of Foreign Trade"


(b) Trends of Trade Volumes

(Source) IMF, International Financial Statistics


(2) Trends of International Balance of Payments
(Note) Trade balance on an international balance of payments basis (Fob-Fob) -mark denotes drops (the same shall apply hereinafter)
(Source) Statistics of the seven countries (converted into dollars at the IMF conversion rates)


(3) Consumer Price Increase Rates and Unemployment Trends
(a) Consumer Price Increase Rates
(Source) Statistics of the seven countries


(b) Unemployment Rates
(Source) Statistics of the seven countries


(4) Trends of Real GNP Growth Rates of the World and Region



(5) Energy Supply-Demand in Major Countries (1985)

(Note) 1984 figures for France           

(Source) OECD, Energy Balances 1984-1985


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