Section 9. Environmental Problem



1.  Environmental Problems between Japan and U.S.


The seventh meeting of the Joint Planning and on Coordinating Committee was held in Washington in January 1986 on the basis of the Agreement between the Government of Japan and the Government of U.S. on Cooperation in the field of Environmental Protection signed in August 1975 (its effective period was extended by five years in August 1985 and it will be automatically extended in or after August 1990). At the meeting, Kei Yamazaki, former deputy director-general of the Environment Agency, led the Japanese delegation, while Lee M. Thomas, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, headed the U.S. delegation.

At the committee meeting, conferees exchanged views on recent key trends in the environmental policies of the two countries and their outlook, assessed activities of various projects based on the agreement, and discussed new projects.



2.  Environment Issues at the OECD


The Environment Committee continued its discussion on various environmental issues including transfrontier movements of hazardous wastes, environmental assessment in development assistance and multinational enterprises and environmental policies.



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