Chapter VIII. Japanese Travelers Abroad, Foreign Visitors to Japan



Section 1. Overview


The number of Japanese people making foreign trips has been increasing steadily year after year and exceeded 5.50 million to set a new record in 1986. The number of Japanese residing in foreign countries is also about to exceed 500,000. The destination of trips and places of residence now extend to every corner of the world. In response to the increasing number of Japanese traveling and residing overseas, the Foreign Ministry has been reinforcing measures in areas of prime concern to them such as education of their children and medical care, and also been making best efforts for the protection of and assistance to Japanese residents and travelers. As part of these efforts, the Ministry in its fiscal 1987 budget earmarked about \350 million for improving communications networks that are to be utilized to protect Japanese in emergencies overseas. It has been actively promoting international cooperation for the prevention of terrorism around the world so that Japanese people may not fall a victim to terrorist affairs abroad. In addition, the Ministry has been pushing for rationalization of clerical and administrative work through introduction of office automation equipment for passport issuance and so forth to cope with the large increase in Japanese traveling overseas.

The number of foreigners visiting Japan has now reached 2.02 million a year, and to deal with the increase in foreign visitors the Ministry is making efforts for efficient and appropriate administration of the visa system.

The Emigration Council, in response to the request by the Prime Minister, has begun since March 1987 its consideration of measures to ensure the safety of Japanese residents overseas who are rapidly increasing in number corresponding to the development of internationalization as well as education of their children and medical care in the context of a comprehensive emigration policy.



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