2. Overseas Public Information


(1) Periodicals (those purchased for distribution)

(a) Monthly "Look Japan"

(b) Monthly "PHP" (Spanish Edition)

(c) Quarterly "Japan Pictorial" (editions in 11 languages-English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Russian)

(d) Quarterly "Japan Echo" (English, French editions)

(e) "The Japan Times" (daily and weekly editions)

(f) Weekly "The Japan Economic Journal"

(2) Non-Periodical Publications (FY '86)

(a) "The Japan of Today"

(b) "Japan Today"

(c) "Japan" (leaflet)

(d) "Facts about Japan" series (materials about history, constitution, industry, culture and other topics, 25 kinds, five languages)

(e) Policy public information materials (materials concerning the Action Program, "Cooperation and Development," "Responsible partner," Policy Speech series, Economic Policy Series, etc.)

(f) "Japan's Cultural History," "Japan's Northern Territories" and other materials

(3) Audiovisual Materials (FY '86)

(a) Overseas public information films planned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(i)   General public information TV films ("Kenichi," "Natsuko," "Profile of Crown Prince and Princess)

(ii)  Series of short TV films (Mini Series) (13 subjects) (including "Weather Forecaster," "Preserving Foods," Television in Japan" and "Bonsai")

(iii) Monthly public information TV film ("Japan Screen Topics")

(iv)  Special film ("Africa in Japan, Part II")

(v) Series on present-day personalities ("Hozan Yamamoto")

(b) Calendar ("Ikebana")

(c) Still photos

(i)   Photo panels to introduce present-day Japan

(ii)  Photos for lease ("Japan in Pictures")

(iii) Various public information photos

(d) Audiovisual public information materials ("List of Foreign Language Films and Video Cassettes by Japanese Government and Related Organizations")


Numbers of Opinion Leaders and Media People Invited


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