Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2011

Japan's International Cooperation

Part I Overcoming the Earthquake - ODA and Our Bond with the World -

Chapter 1 The Earthquake and Japan in the World (PDF, 933KB)

  1. Section 1 Support Reaching Affected Areas from Countries Around the World
  2. Section 2 Why Does the World Help Japan?

Chapter 2 Japan Responds to Trust (PDF, 571KB)

  1. Section 1 Faithful Execution of International Commitments
  2. Section 2 Giving Form to Our Responsibilities as a Member of the International Community

Chapter 3 Reconstruction Diplomacy and ODA (PDF, 795KB)

  1. Section 1 Sharing Recovery of Affected Areas and Disaster Prevention Measures with the World
  2. Section 2 Japanese Economic Recovery through Aid to Developing Countries

Part II A New Viewpoint on Aid

Chapter 1 New Partnerships (PDF, 933KB)

  1. Section 1 ODA and the Rise of Emerging Countries
  2. Section 2 Promoting Partnerships with Emerging Countries
  3. Section 3 Increasingly Important New Actors in Development

Chapter 2 Toward Achievement of Equitable Development (PDF, 525KB)

  1. Section 1 The Viewpoint of Equity and Human Security
  2. Section 2 The Outlook for New Global Health and Education Policies
  3. Section 3 Toward Achievement of Inclusive Growth

Chapter 3 The Orientation of New Aid (PDF, 572KB)

  1. Section 1 Strengthening the Program Approach
  2. Section 2 Multilateral-bilateral Partnerships
  3. Section 3 Increasing and Continuously Improving the Transparency of ODA Projects
  4. Section 4 The Usefulness of Growth through the Development of Infrastructure
  5. Section 5 Cooperation Related to the Environment/Climate Change and the Utilization of Japan's Technology in Developing Countries
  6. Section 6 Utilization of ODA to Achieve Fundamental Solutions to Conflict and Terrorism


  1. Column 1. Bean Paste Buns Made in Ecuador! (PDF, 127KB)
    —Project on Strengthening of the Occupational Training for the Vulnerable Sector—
  2. Column 2. A World that Promotes Coexistence with Disabled People (PDF, 129KB)
    —Special Needs Education in Bolivia—
  3. Column 3. %quot;Give Me a Call, I'm Available 24/7" (PDF, 130KB)
    —Investment Environment Improvement Assistance in Cambodia—
  4. Column 4. Revitalizing Communities through Business by Focusing on the Regional Characteristics (PDF, 193KB)
    —Spreading the One Village One Product Movement in Africa—
  5. Column 5. Combine Powers and Resolve Problems! (PDF, 137KB)
    —Community Afforestation Project in Malawi—
  6. Column 6. Incorporating Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake (PDF, 127KB)
    —The Strengthening Community-Based Disaster Risk Management Project in the Pacific Region—
  7. Column 7. Mutual Understanding at the Grass-roots Level (PDF, 128KB)
    —Assistance to Palestine Olive Farmers—
  8. Column 8. Practice Through Action: "Farming as a Job" (PDF, 125KB)
    —Agricultural Assistance in Bhutan—
  9. Column 9. Total Quality Management for Better Hospital Services (PDF, 150KB)
    —Promoting the 5S Approach in Tanzania—
  10. Column 10. Become Friends and Share Your Goals! (PDF, 136KB)
    —Fishing Industry Assistance in Antigua and Barbuda—
  11. Column 11. In Harmony with the Bountiful Life in Tuvalu (PDF, 134KB)
    —Japan Survey Assistance in Tuvalu—
  12. Column 12. Assistance that Encourages "Recovery of the Heart" (PDF, 111KB)
    —Interview with NGO JEN Trustee and Secretary General Keiko Kiyama—
  13. Column 13. Supporting "Heart-to-Heart" (PDF, 116KB)
    —Interview with Norika Fujiwara—