Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Japan's International Cooperation

July 30, 2013

Part I
International Cooperation – Moving Forward and Growing Together

Chapter 1 ODA for Moving Forward Together (PDF, 1.02MB)

  1. Section 1 ODA for Achieving a Free, Prosperous, and Stable International Community – Assistance for democratization and national reconciliation
  2. Section 2 ODA for Building up Trust in Japan – Growth for poverty reduction
  3. Section 3 Various Aspects of Growth through Human Resource Development
  4. Section 4 New Areas of Cooperation
  5. Section 5 Assistance for Developing Countries with the Participation of All the People – New actors in international cooperation

Chapter 2 ODA for Growing Together (PDF, 722KB)

  1. Section 1 Inflow of Private Capital and Growth in Developing Countries
  2. Section 2 Overseas Expansion of SMEs and ODA for Developing Countries
  3. Section 3 Contributing to Development by Exporting Infrastructure
  4. Section 4 Mekong, India, and Africa – Regions with rich potential

Part II
Building Resilient Societies – Japan's Disaster Risk Reduction Cooperation

Chapter 1 Transmitting Disaster Risk Reduction to the World (PDF, 483KB)

  1. Section 1 Sharing the Lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake with the World
  2. Section 2 Towards the Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in 2015
  3. Section 3 Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction and ODA

Chapter 2 Disaster Risk Reduction Cooperation in Practice (PDF, 441KB)

  1. Section 1 Cooperation with ASEAN
  2. Section 2 Disaster Aid and Disaster Risk Reduction Measures – Responding to the flood damage in Thailand
  3. Section 3 Cooperation with International Organizations for Disaster Risk Reduction and Post-Disaster Reconstruction
  4. Section 4 Disaster Risk Reduction Cooperation for Island Countries

Stories from the field (Columns)

  1. Fish Culture in Rice Fields Improves Livelihood of Rural Community (PDF, 1.32MB)
    —Small-Scale Aquaculture Extension Project in Myanmar—
  2. Malaysian "Umizaru" Divers Protect International Shipping Routes (PDF, 1.28MB)
    —Capacity Building in Maritime Safety and Security—
  3. Collaboration Helps Improve Nutrition in Africa (PDF, 1.25MB)
    —Ajinomoto Promotes New Baby Food—
  4. NGO Promotes Physicals for Mothers and Children in Timor-Leste (PDF, 1.22MB)
    —SHARE (NGO) Supports Training of Family Health Promoters—
  5. From Our Island to Yours: Clean Water Technology (PDF, 1.22MB)
    —Miyakojima City Supports Samoa Public Waterworks—
  6. Charcoal, Vinegar and Compost Heal Philippine Farmlands! (PDF, 1.30MB)
    —Growing Safe Vegetables While Caring For the Soil—
  7. Japanese Serve on Mongolian Bill Drafting Committee (PDF, 1.19MB)
    —Supporting Mediation System Legislation—
  8. Satellite Data and Surveys in the Depths of the Amazon Reveal Carbon Stock (PDF, 1.21MB)
    —Cooperation Toward Brazilian Tropical Forest Conservation—
  9. Solar Power Runs on Original Technology (PDF, 1.22MB)
    —Senior Volunteer Finds Niche in Ghana—
  10. Improving Quality of Nurses Through National Examination System (PDF, 1.21MB)
    —Japanese Introduces Nepal’s First Testing System—
  11. Understanding of Culture and Lifestyles Will Save Endangered Wetlands (PDF, 1.16MB)
    —Ecological Management of Anzali Wetland in Iran—
  12. "Made in Botswana" Handicrafts Improve Lifestyles (PDF, 1.40MB)
    —Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer Works in Minority Settlements—
  13. Upgrades of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems Improve Health and Lives in Lima (PDF, 1.30MB)
    —ODA Loan Supports Waterworks in Peruvian Capital—
  14. Improving Lifeline of Kiribati, a Remote Island Country in the Pacific (PDF, 1.35MB)
    —Enabling Large Ships to Berth at Betio Port—
  15. Project Aims to Reduce Infant and Child Mortality Rate in Zambia (PDF, 1.24MB)
    —AMDA-MINDS Works on Project for Strengthening Child Health Promotion System—
  16. Affordable Refrigerators for the People at the Base of the Pyramid Made in India "ChotuKool" (PDF, 1.15MB)
    —Developing Manufacturing Industry Leaders—
  17. Teaming Up With Viet Nam to Improve Rice Cultivation in Mozambique (PDF, 1.21MB)
    —Project for Improvement of Techniques for Increasing Rice Cultivation Productivity—
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