Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Japan's International Cooperation

November 2, 2016

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Part I Japan's Contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Chapter 1 Achievements and Challenges in the Implementation of the MDGs (PDF) Open a New Window

  • Section 1 What are the MDGs?
  • Section 2 Japan's Efforts to Achieve the MDGs
  • Section 3 MDG Progress Status
    1. Results achieved
    2. Remaining challenges
    3. Changes in the situation surrounding development

Chapter 2 The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (PDF) Open a New Window

  • Section 1 Efforts Leading Up to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Section 2 Overview and Significance of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
    1. Overview of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
    2. Features of the 2030 Agenda
    3. Japan's Efforts
    4. Conclusion

Part II Japan's Collective Efforts:Development Cooperation Handin-Hand with the Japanese People

Chapter 1 Growing Presence of Various Development Actors (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 2 Cooperation with Civil Society (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 3 Partnership with the Private Sector (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 4 Partnership with Local Governments and Universities (PDF) Open a New Window

Part III Development Cooperation in FY2014

Chapter 1 Japan's Official Development Assistance in Terms of Disbursement (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 2 Specific Initiatives of Japan's Development Cooperation (PDF) Open a New Window

Part IV Statistics and Reference Materials

Chapter 1 Japan's ODA Budget (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 2 Japan's ODA Disbursements (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 3 List of Bilateral Assistance Projects (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 4 ODA Disbursements through Multilateral Institutions (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 5 Reference Materials on Japan's ODA (PDF) Open a New Window

(Reference) Other Countries' ODA Disbursement (PDF) Open a New Window

Abbreviations (PDF) Open a New Window

Stories from the field

  1. Co-existence between a World Natural Heritage Site and the Local Community (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Community Tourism in an Ethiopian National Park
  2. Strictly Cultivating the Mindset and Skills Needed for Independence (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Dressmaking Training for Women and Youth in Rwanda
  3. Overcoming Poverty, Starting with 25 Ducklings (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Helping the Poor in Viet Nam with a Duck Bank
  4. Contributing to Zimbabwe's ICT Policies through Legislation (PDF) Open a New Window
    -One JICA Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer's Humble Enthusiasm and Expertise
  5. Medical Network for Medically Isolated Communities (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Medical Rounds and Training Assistance for Local Volunteers in Timor-Leste
  6. Using Morocco's Experience to Inspire Hopes and Dreams: (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Human Resources Development in the Water Supply Sector in Sudan, Africa
  7. Dissemination of High-quality Education through TV Lessons (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Assistance for Distance Education in Papua New Guinea
  8. Working in Tandem to Promote Social Participation (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Assistance Provided by a Japanese NPO for Persons with Disabilities in Costa Rica to Lead Independent Lives
  9. Generating Income with Sewing Work in an Effort to Encourage Female Independence in Rural Villages (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Supporting Activities by Cooperatives in Bangladesh
  10. Aiming to Bring Viral Zoonoses under Control (PDF) Open a New Window
    -30 year Relationship of Cooperation between Hokkaido University and the University of Zambia's School of Veterinary Medicine
  11. Sharing Japan's Experiences of Fighting against Disasters while Providing Moral Support (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Mobile Disaster Risk Reduction Classroom in Myanmar
  12. Aspiring Engineers Learn from the Experience of Fellow Island Nation Japan (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Project for Capacity Enhancement of Groundwater Management in the Republic of Cuba

Master Techniques -From Japan to the World-

  1. Extending the Usable Life of Wells in Bolivia (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Using Underwater Cameras for Well Maintenance
  2. Reducing Poverty with Proactive Agricultural Technologies (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Feasibility Survey on Cultivating Safe and Secure Tomatoes
  3. Raising Awareness about Recycling with Popcorn Machines (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Trials of a System for Converting Waste Plastics into Oil in Palau
  4. Reviving Scheduled Bus Services with GPS (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Aiming to Introduce a Bus Operation Optimization System in the Capital of Laos
  5. Converting an Island Nation's Sunshine to Electricity (PDF) Open a New Window
    -High Hopes in the Solomon Islands for Okinawan Photovoltaic Generation Technology
  6. Simple Road Repair Materials that Can be Installed even during the Monsoon Season (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Proposing New Road Maintenance Management Methods in Cambodia

A Journalist's Perspective on Japan's ODA

ODA Topics

  1. Quality Infrastructure Investment (PDF) Open a New Window
  2. Ebola Virus Disease and Support Provided by Japan (PDF) Open a New Window
  3. Report of the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (PDF) Open a New Window
  4. Large-Scale Natural Disasters and Emergency Humanitarian Assistance (PDF) Open a New Window
    -Dispatch of Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) Medical Teams in Response to the Earthquake Damage in Nepal and Activities by Japanese NGOs-
  5. Highlights from the Annual Report on Japan's ODA Evaluation 2015 To Improve ODA through Evaluation (PDF) Open a New Window
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