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Historical Diplomatic Holdings: Q&A

April 23, 2015

 The Diplomatic Archives receives a large number of inquiries from inside and outside Japan regarding its holdings. The periods covered by these inquiries range from the end of the Edo Period through to the present day, and the content also covers a broad range, from politics and foreign diplomacy, to economics and cultural exchange.
 On seven occasions since September 2003, the Diplomatic Archives selected topics from among these inquiries that are conceivably of interest to a large number of people, and compiled them, along with the relevant answers, as “Reference Information from the Diplomatic Archives.
 From June 2006, the title of this publication was changed to “Historical Diplomatic Documents: Q&A” and the Diplomatic Archives decided to publish the latest Q&A as PDF files, compiling these inquiries according to each period alongside the issues of “Reference Information”that had been published up to then.
 Showing a part of the Diplomatic Archives' activities, it is our pleasure that the use of the Diplomatic Archives be further enhanced.
 Incidentally, for overviews of the Diplomatic Archives' holdings, please refer to the “Our Holdings” and other sections on this website. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' records cited here can be viewed at the Diplomatic Archives.

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