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Information about Takeshima

1. Overview

Takeshima is comprised of two islands, Higashijima (Mejima) Island and Nishijima (Ojima) Island and numerous small Islands. It is part of Okinoshima Town of Shimane Prefecture.

2. Location

Takeshima is located in the Sea of Japan approximately 158 km northwest of the Oki Islands at 37°14' north latitude and 131°52' east longitude.

3. Size

The total land area of Takeshima is approximately 0.20 square kilometers.

4. Nature

The two are precipitous volcanic islands, and cliffs abut the coastline on all sides. They have scarce vegetation and drinking water resources.

5. Fishing ground for Japanese

In the early 17th century the Japanese people used the islands as a fishing ground for sea lions and abalone. Sea lion hunting business started on a full scale in the early1900s.

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