Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2009

"Japan's International Cooperation"


  1. Column 1. Farewell to the Guns (PDF, 251KB)
    - DIAG Efforts in Afghanistan -
  2. Column 2. School Has Arrived! (PDF, 270KB)
    - "Mobile Schools" in Egypt -
  3. Column 3. Improvement of Toilets (PDF, 227KB)
    - Sanitation Improvement Project in Micronesia -
  4. Column 4. Constantly Supplying Safe Water (PDF, 269KB)
    - Activities by a Trainee Who Returned to Ghana -
  5. Column 5. Taking on the Challenge of Mountain Roads with Japanese Technique (PDF, 208KB)
    - The "Stone Wall" Road in Nepal -
  6. Column 6. Urging Corporate Efforts for the Development of Industry (PDF, 201KB)
    - A Story of an On-The-Job Senior Volunteer Making Great Contributions in Saint Lucia -
  7. Column 7. Stable Supply of Agricultural Products (PDF, 272KB)
    - Project for Self-sustained Development in a Rural Village in Senegal -
  8. Column 8. Aiming for a Stable Society (PDF, 204KB)
    - Support for the Development of Legislation in Cambodia -
  9. Column 9. One Drop in the Great Mekong (PDF, 207KB)
    - Judo Instruction in Laos -
  10. Column 10. Struggling with Chagas' Disease in Paraguay (PDF, 184KB)
    - The Challenge of Transitioning From a University President to a Senior Volunteer -
  11. Column 11. "Japan" Popular in Tanzania (PDF, 218KB)
    - Supporting the Spread of Rice Cultivation from the Foot of Kilimanjaro -
  12. Column 12. Safety through Innovation (PDF, 289KB)
    - Mine Risk Education (MRE) in South Kordofan State, the Sudan -
  13. Column 13. Aiming for Police Services Trusted by Citizens (PDF, 190KB)
    - Police Box Operated by Women in Indonesia -
  14. Column 14. Greater Opportunities through Vocational Training (PDF, 286KB)
    - Activities to Empower the People of Tajikistan -
  15. Column 15. Bringing Water to the Fields Quickly, Cheaply, Simply and Safely! (PDF, 226KB)
    - A Project for Hand-Built Irrigation in Malawi -
  16. Column 16. Warm Blankets for Refugees - Japan's Assistance to Palestinian people (PDF, 179KB)
    - Ms. Yoshiko Hasumi-- United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East -
  17. Column 17. Working Together for Better Techniques (PDF, 188KB)
    - Assisting Metal Press Techniques in Mexico -
  18. Column 18. Dedication Led to Successful Construction (PDF, 207KB)
    - Replacing Bridges in the Solomon Islands -
  19. Column 19. Cleaning up the Town! (PDF, 296KB)
    - Three Ethnic Groups Living in Harmony in Serbia -
  20. Column 20. Forest Management by the Locals (PDF, 241KB)
    - Participatory Forest Management in the Philippines -
  21. Column 21. Helping People to Help Themselves (PDF, 116KB)
    - Ms. Kurara Chibana -