Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Japan's International Cooperation

December 22, 2015

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Part I The 60th Anniversary of Japan's ODA:Its Achievements and Future Directions

Chapter 1 The Track Record of Japan's ODA (PDF) Open a New Window

  • Section 1 The Trajectory of Japan's ODA
  • Section 2 What Japan's ODA Achieved in 60 Years

Chapter 2 The Future of Japan's Development Cooperation (PDF) Open a New Window

Part II Official Development Assistance in FY2013

Chapter 1 Japan's Official Development Assistance in Terms of Disbursement (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 2 Specific Initiatives of Japan's Official Development Assistance (PDF) Open a New Window

Part III Statistics and Reference Materials

Chapter 1 Japan's ODA Budget (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 2 Japan's ODA Disbursements (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 3 List of Bilateral Assistance Projects (PDF) Open a New Window

Chapter 4 ODA Disbursements through Multilateral Institutions (PDF) Open a New Window

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(Reference) Other Countries' ODA Disbursement (PDF) Open a New Window

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Stories from the field

  1. Giving people who missed out on an education a second chance (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Promoting a "Non-formal Education" in Pakistan Stories from the field
  2. Building a dam to ensure a stable supply of water through community involvement (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Grass-roots assistance for the construction of a sand dam in Makueni County, Kenya
  3. Dried fish business empowers women in Sri Lanka (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Support for women struggling against poverty in a Sri Lankan fishing village
  4. Next-generation human resources fostered by Japanese-style management and business (PDF) Open a New Window
    - The Myanmar-Japan Center for Human Resources Development
  5. A Japanese attempt to bring back an African wetland (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Residents of Uganda place high hopes on a wetlands management project
  6. How the disaster management technology of Japan, a disaster-prone nation, saved 5,000 villagers from flooding (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Japanese engineers struggle against natural dam collapsing in Indonesia
  7. The techniques and spirit of Japanese Judo contribute to the improvement of security in Afghanistan (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Support for the training of the Afghan National Police in Turkey
  8. The construction of Southeast Asia's longest raw water transfer tunnel to alleviate water shortage problems in Kuala Lumpur (PDF) Open a New Window
    - How a Japanese general contractor successfully dug a tunnel under a Malaysian mountain range
  9. Japanese Kaizen Methods: Improving Quality, Improving Productivity (PDF) Open a New Window
    - A Kaizen Promotion Project to Support the Manufacturing Sector in Ethiopia
  10. The Japanese abacus and the children of an island country (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers teach the abacus in Tonga
  11. Helping IDPs to become self-reliant and get along with local residents in a land shaken by conflict (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Cooperation by an NGO for the development of vegetable fields and wells in Sudan, Africa

Master Techniques -From Japan to the World-

  1. A Japanese SME's attempt to save infants in a developing country (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Improving the diagnosis level of neonatal jaundice in Viet Nam
  2. A social business provides safe water for all through the sale of rainwater tanks (PDF) Open a New Window
    - Promoting the use of rain water tanks across Bangladesh, a country with worsening water problems
  3. A unique construction method to avoid traffic congestion (PDF) Open a New Window
    - A proposal for construction innovation in Indonesian sewage pipe infrastructure
  4. Alleviating urban traffic jams with an IT-driver information distribution system (PDF) Open a New Window
    - A trial in Gujarat, India, by a Kyoto-based venture company
  5. A heat-resistant camera that can give a clear image of the insides of high-temperature furnaces contributes to economic development and environmental protection in India (PDF) Open a New Window
    - A feasibility study and pilot project at a national steel and power plant in India
  6. Japanese recycling methods contribute to the improvement of the environment in Africa (PDF) Open a New Window
    - How an SME from Ishikawa Prefecture introduced eco-friendly automobile recycling in Nigeria
  7. Bringing vegetation back to the denuded land around a volcano (PDF) Open a New Window
    - An industry-academia collaboration tends the soil in Indonesia in order to green and revitalize the land

ODA Topics

  1. The Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Initiatives of Japan (PDF) Open a New Window
  2. Creating a society in which all women shine (PDF) Open a New Window
  3. International Cooperation for Disaster Risk Reduction (PDF) Open a New Window
    (The Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction)
  4. The 50th Anniversary of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (PDF) Open a New Window
    - The Countless Possibilities Brought About by JOCVs
  5. Highlights from the Annual Report on Japan's ODA Evaluation 2014 (PDF) Open a New Window
    - For Improving ODA through Evaluation
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