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December 13, 2016

WINDS Initiative

Promoting the active role of women in STEM fields contributes to achieve economic growth as well as diminish gender disparity in economic status. In this light, G7 leaders launched Women’s Initiative in Developing STEM Career (WINDS) (PDF)Open a New Window at the G7 Ise-Shima Summit to enhance global movement of promoting the active role of women in STEM fields by offering the positive vision of women’s STEM career and fostering an enabling environment for promoting such career in the G7 and around the world.

To proactively realize the leaders’ commitment on WINDS as the G7 presidency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs appointed the following 3 women to the Japan’s WINDS ambassadors. They are expected to show the positive vision of women’s career in STEM fields as role models.

Prof. Dr. Reiko Kuroda
Professor, Research Institute for Science & Technology, Tokyo University of Science,
Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo
Research Field: Chemistry, Biology

To unravel the enigma of space and of life on Earth, to solve the problems we face such as the shortage of food/energy/water/natural resources and the deterioration of our environment, and to achieve a healthy and rich life, breakthroughs in Science, Technology and Innovation are needed. A good relationship between science and society is also important. Statements such as “Women are not suited for natural sciences" are a thing of the past. The world is waiting for your participation.

Ms.Naoko Yamazaki
The second female astronaut in Japan

As the role of science and technology is increasing in our daily life, STEM education seems very important to all people in various fields, not only in science, but also in non-science fields. Learning STEM ways of thinking will be applied to active learning and I am supportive for that.

Dr. Emi Tamaki
President & CEO at H2L Inc.
She developed a device named “Possessed Hand “ which controls the user’s fingers by applying electrical stimulus to the muscles around the forearm.

I would like to consider how we as individuals, regardless of gender, can realize our full potential in society.
Let's create a world where people of all genders can face challenges with utmost confidence.


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