TICAD IV Follow-up Mechanism Annual Progress Report 2009
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Support the project through Water and Sanitation Trust Fund ($ 1 million)

Yokohama Action Plan
[2]Support the development and management of electricity power grid to promote improved access to and efficient use of electricity, and promote better access of the poor to affordable and efficient energy through comprehensive rural development programmes.
Proposed Measures by Japan/Implementing Partners
● Support the provision of affordable and clean energy for lighting African Human Settlements
Potential Resources, Possible Contributions
UN-HABITAT: Support the project through UN-HABITAT Water and Sanitation Trust Fund ($ 1 million)
Implementing Partners
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Current Status of Implementation 2009

Burundi/Kenya/Rwanda/Ghana/Tanzania/Uganda/Cameroon/Burkina Faso/Senegal/Mali
(i) A feasibility study for the construction of a 200 KW micro hydropower plant in Kisii, Kenya, was successfully completed.
(ii) A second feasibility studies have also been undertaken to evaluate the potential for biogas in some cities and towns in seven African Countries. As a result of these studies, a total of 29 project profiles have been developed and are ready for implementation pending funding availability.
(iii) A casebook is being prepared on best practices on renewable energy technologies and energy efficiencies, mainly for the urban areas of developing countries.
(iv) In collaboration with UNEP, GEF and Governments of the East African Community (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda), a programme on Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Eastern Africa is being developed.
(v) The programme is undertaking energy audits in water and sanitation utilities’ operations to help optimize energy consumption and reduce their energy costs. Energy audits were carried out for three utilities in Africa (the Ghana Water Company Ltd, the Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority and the Plateau State Water Services Board) and were well received.
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Current Status of Implementation 2008

(i) Feasibility study for the construction of a micro-hydro power plant was underway;
(ii) 200 water kiosks and public toilets would be provided with small solar powers lighting system to extend their operation at night;
(iii) Feasibility studies for the construction of biogas plants to generate energy from organic waste in 12 cities and town was being carried out;
(iv) Rapid feasibility studies on micro-hydro potentials in other towns within the Lake Victoria region was under development. This project has been targeted the construction of micro-hydro power plants in town with rivers to generate affordable energy supply for water pumping stations and other productive uses.
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