TICAD IV Follow-up Mechanism Annual Progress Report 2009
Annual Progress Report 2008  Annual Progress Report DIGEST 2009

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GoJ (MOFA)/JICA: Enhancement of teaching ability of 100,000 teachers of Math & Science

Yokohama Action Plan
[4]Promote knowledge/experience sharing within Africa and between Asia and Africa on such themes as culture and gender sensitive curricula, learning materials and training manuals.
Proposed Measures by Japan/Implementing Partners
● Expand teacher training in math and science through SMASE (Strengthening of Mathematics and Science in Education) by extending program to additional countries and encouraging sharing of experiences
Potential Resources, Possible Contributions
GoJ (MOFA)/JICA: (i) Expand SMASE projects for 100,000 teachers; (ii) Promote experience-sharing among SMASE-WECSA (Western, Eastern, Central and Southern Africa) member countries; (iii) Provide teacher training in Math and Science Education for all SMASE-WECSA member countries
Implementing Partners
Related Links
GoJ/JICA: Technical support on teacher training
WBG: Coordinate conference on Africa-Asia Exchange on Mathematics and Science Education (AAE/MSE)

Current Status of Implementation 2009

Angola/Benin/Botswana/Burkina Faso/Burundi/Cameroon/Ethiopia/Gambia/Ghana/Kenya/Malawi/Mozambique/Niger/Nigeria/Rwanda/Senegal/Sierra Leone/Swaziland/Sudan/Tanzania/Uganda/Zambia
(i)Technical cooperation has been implemented in the above 17 countries (technical cooperation projects: 13 countries and follow-up cooperation: 4 countries). In total, 71,696 teachers received training.
(ii)SMASE-WECSA membership has been expanded to 25 countries and 1 region. To promote experience-sharing among members, the following were organized;
- WECSA technical meeting (in Swaziland): 93 participants from 15 countries
- WECSA regional meeting (in Kenya): 68 participants from 23 countries
- Workshop on the improvement of teaching skills (in Zambia): 63 participants from 5 countries
- Seminar on the improvement of class management (in Uganda): 28 countries from 7 countries
(iii) Trainings for WECSA member countries were held in Kenya. 164 from 21 countries participated in 3 group training couses.
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Current Status of Implementation 2008

Burkina Faso/Kenya/Malawi/Mozambique/Niger/Nigeria/Rwanda/Senegal/Uganda/Zambia
(i) 41,762 teachers received training in the above 10 countries where the projects have ben implemented.
(ii) Member countries of SMASE-WECSA numbers 24. To promote experience-sharing among members, WECSA regional meeting (in Kenya) and a seminar (in Uganda) were held with 138 participants from 27 countries including observers and 27 from 6 countries, respectively.
(iii) Trainings for WECSA member countries were held in Kenya. 164 from 19 countries participated in 3 group training couses and 106 in 3 country focused courses (2 for southern Sudan and 1 for Senegal).
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