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Holding of the JENESYS2023 ASEAN-Japan Students Conference

December 4, 2023

From December 10 to December 19, approximately 110 students from 10 ASEAN Member States and Timor-Leste will visit Japan to participate in the "JENESYS 2023 ASEAN-Japan Students Conference" a project commemorating the 50th year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, to be held in Tokyo.

  1. Prior to their participation in the ASEAN-Japan Students Conference, which will be held in Tokyo from December 15 to 18, the delegation will be divided into five groups and visit Miyagi and Chiba Prefectures, Kanagawa and Shizuoka Prefectures, Mie Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, and Okinawa Prefecture, to have opportunities to attend lectures, study topics of the Conference, visit universities, and experience Japanese culture and charms of the region from various perspectives.
  2. In the ASEAN-Japan Students Conference, students from Japan and the ASEAN region will take part in a 3-night 4-day discussion program based on five issues under the common theme of "What we (students) can do for peace, stability, growth, and prosperity in the Asian region”. The five issues of discussion are "Climate Change and Disaster Prevention," "Tourism Development," "Population Issues," "Startups," and "Internet and AI”. They will present their "Declaration of Action Plan " and "Thematic Recommendations" on the last day of the program.
  3. Through this program, it is expected that the youth of Japan and the ASEAN region will together raise their interest in social contribution, recognize cultural diversity, and build a network of friendship and cooperation based on mutual understanding. It is also expected that the youth of the ASEAN region will actively share their learnings of the program and the charms of Japan to their respective countries through social media and other means.

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