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May 8, 2024

As geopolitical competition intensifies, international information warfare in the cognitive domain through information manipulation, including spread of disinformation, is a constant occurrence, as have been particularly conspicuous over the situation in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine. Foreign information manipulation, in which state and non-state actors deliberately spread disinformation and/or narratives to undermine confidence in Japan's policies or to impede democratic processes and international cooperation, is becoming increasingly important to address.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is aware of this and, based on the National Security Strategy, is steadily strengthening its information gathering, analysis and communication capabilities in response to information warfare through the cooperation of its information, policy and communication divisions. Also, in responding to foreign information manipulation, resilience of the society, including literacy of people, media, think tanks and NGOs, is extremely important. As attempts of spreading disinformation have been observed in the case of ALPS treated water, the government responded to them by intense communication efforts including swift issuance of press releases denying the disinformation.
In addition, based on the understanding that countries sharing concerns over foreign information manipulation should take concerted action, the US Japan Memorandum of Cooperation on Countering Foreign Information Manipulation was signed on December 6, 2023. Besides, MOFA has been holding discussions on information manipulation in the G7 Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) (PDF) Open a New Window and bilateral consultations, and been promoting cooperation with other countries and regions that share the same values.

1. Cooperation with foreign governments

(1)Cooperation with the US

The two sides signed Memorandum of Cooperation on countering foreign information manipulation and agreed on the direction for future collaboration to identify and counter foreign information manipulation and steady improvement of capacities to counter foreign information manipulation jointly.

(2)G7 Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) (PDF) Open a New Window

Like-minded countries exchange information on how to respond to attempts to manipulate information, including the spread of disinformation, in the G7 RRM.

(3)Outreach activities

A workshop on countering disinformation was held with Southeast Asian countries to exchange views on their awareness of the situation regarding disinformation and the state of countermeasures.

2. Individual cases in Japan

3. Published documents by foreign countries

(1)The USOpen a New Window

The US Government has published reports and other information on disinformation and manipulative activities against the cyberspace on the situation in Ukraine and other issues.

(2)EUOpen a New Window

Through its task force projects, the EEAS (the European External Action Service) publishes information on disinformation campaigns against EU countries and neighboring countries, as well as on manipulative activities against the cyberspace.

(3)NATOOpen a New Window

NATO has published fact sheets and other information on disinformation about NATO over the situation in Ukraine.

(Note) For further information on the information manipulation over the situation in Ukraine, please refer hereOpen a New Window and hereOpen a New Window.

4. Related documents

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