Official Development Assistance (ODA)

White Paper on Development Cooperation 2015

White Paper on Development Cooperation 2015

Japan’s International Cooperation


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Part I Japan’s Contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Part II Japan’s Collective Efforts: Development Cooperation Hand-in-Hand with the Japanese People
Part III Development Cooperation in FY2014

Statistics and Reference Materials

Part IV Statistics and Reference Materials

Stories from the field

Master Techniques, From Japan to the World

A Journalist’s Perspective on Japan’s ODA

ODA Topics

Projects presented in the White Paper 2015

Framework of Japan’s Development Cooperation Policy

Cover Photo Captions

A Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (math and science teacher), Mr. Sho Yamaguchi teaches science at the Mkushi Day Junior High School in Zambia. Yamaguchi provides explanations at the students’ eye level in an effort to engage them and encourage them to think. He tries to incorporate experiments in his lessons as much as possible, and on that day conducted an experiment using lenses to teach image characteristics to ninth-grade students (equivalent to third-grade junior high students in Japan). (Photo: Atsushi Shibuya / JICA)

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