White Paper on Development Cooperation 2015
Stories from the field

Table of Contents

Stories from the field

  1. Co-existence between a World Natural Heritage Site and the Local Community – Community Tourism in an Ethiopian National Park
  2. Strictly Cultivating the Mindset and Skills Needed for Independence – Dressmaking Training for Women and Youth in Rwanda
  3. Overcoming Poverty, Starting with 25 Ducklings – Helping the Poor in Viet Nam with a Duck Bank
  4. Contributing to Zimbabwe’s ICT Policies through Legislation – One JICA Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer’s Humble Enthusiasm and Expertise
  5. Medical Network for Medically Isolated Communities – Medical Rounds and Training Assistance for Local Volunteers in Timor-Leste
  6. Using Morocco’s Experience to Inspire Hopes and Dreams: – Human Resources Development in the Water Supply Sector in Sudan, Africa
  7. Dissemination of High-quality Education through TV Lessons – Assistance for Distance Education in Papua New Guinea
  8. Working in Tandem to Promote Social Participation – Assistance Provided by a Japanese NPO for Persons with Disabilities in Costa Rica to Lead Independent Lives
  9. Generating Income with Sewing Work in an Effort to Encourage Female Independence in Rural Villages – Supporting Activities by Cooperatives in Bangladesh
  10. Aiming to Bring Viral Zoonoses under Control – 30-year Relation of Cooperation between Hokkaido University and the University of Zambia’s School of Veterinary Medicine
  11. Sharing Japan’s Experiences of Fighting against Disasters while Providing Moral Support – Mobile Disaster Risk Reduction Classroom in Myanmar
  12. Aspiring Engineers Learn from the Experience of Fellow Island Nation Japan – Project for Capacity Enhancement of Groundwater Management in the Republic of Cuba