Japan-Jordan Relations

October 27, 2016
(Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)
(Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)
(Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)

1. Japan-Jordan Summit Meeting

(Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)

On October 27, commencing at 6:55 p.m. for approximately 30 minutes, Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, held a Japan-Jordan Summit Meeting at the State Guest House with His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, who was making an official visit to Japan. The overview is as follows. Mr. Kotaro Nogami, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, among others, attended the meeting.

(1) Opening

Prime Minister Abe stated that he was delighted to welcome King Abdullah to Japan in this landmark year commemorating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the nation of Jordan, noting that Jordan is a cornerstone of stability in the Middle East region, where turmoil is intensifying, and that Japan for its part will provide firm support to Jordan. In response, King Abdullah began by expressing his condolences on behalf of the people of Jordan to the Imperial Family and the people of Japan on the passing of His Imperial Highness Prince Mikasa. He noted that he was extremely pleased to visit Japan, a country with which Jordan has built an excellent relationship over the course of 62 years and that he hoped that this visit would contribute to both further advancing bilateral relations and strengthening person-to-person ties with Prime Minister Abe.

(2) Bilateral Relations

(a) Prime Minister Abe expressed his hope that with the signing of the memorandum on defense cooperation and exchanges there would be further advances in bilateral cooperation in the defense-related field. He also referred to the implementation of a total of 1 billion yen in grant aid for security-related measures, noting that Japan seeks to cooperate with Jordan in areas relating to counter-terrorism and security in the future.

King Abdullah responded that he always remains deeply appreciative of Japan’s unchanging support for and cooperation with Jordan.

(b) King Abdullah also referred to the major economic and social burdens being experienced by Jordan, including the influx of refugees, and expressed support for Japan’s various initiatives in the international community.

Prime Minister Abe stated that Japan would continue to provide strong support to Jordan, which is a cornerstone of stability in the Middle East region, having accepted vast numbers of Syrian refugees, and being engaged in full-scale efforts to counter terrorism and extremism. In this context, the Prime Minister announced that the Government of Japan would provide approximately 30 billion yen in yen loans to Jordan as a new development policy loan.

2. Signing Ceremony and Joint Press Occasion

(1) Signing Ceremony

(Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)
(Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)

Following the summit meeting, the Memorandum on Defense Cooperation and Exchanges between the Ministry of Defense of Japan and the Ministry of Defense of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the notes concerning grant aid to Jordan (for the Economic and Social Development Program) were signed and exchanged in the presence of the two leaders.

(2) Joint Press Occasion

(Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)
(Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)

The two leaders held a joint press occasion following the signing ceremony.

3. Dinner

Over dinner, the two leaders discussed a wide range of issues, including the situation in Syria, measures to counter violent extremism, and peace in the Middle East, and confirmed that Japan and Jordan will further advance cooperation toward peace and stability in the region and the international community.

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