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Signing and Exchange of Notes concerning Grant Aid to Jordan

October 27, 2016
Cabinet Public Relations Office (Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)

1. On Thursday, October 27, after a Japan-Jordan Summit Meeting, Mr. Shuichi Sakurai, Japanese Ambassador to Jordan, and the Hon. Imad Najib Fakhoury, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, signed and exchanged notes concerning 1 billion yen in grant aid to Jordan (for an economic and social development program) in the presence of the Japanese and Jordanian leaders.

2. The grant aid will be used for providing Jordan with security equipment produced in Japan. The aid is expected to contribute to Jordan’s economic and social development by improving security performance in Jordan to stabilize the country and Japanese companies’ overseas expansion.

3. Surrounded by countries and regions plagued with unstable security, Jordan has positioned border checkpoints and airports as important facilities for security, enhancing inspection and surveillance. Since this year, however, terrorist attacks have occurred. Terrorists are feared to flow into Jordan along with Syrian refugees. Through the grant aid, Japan will contribute to enhancing security in Jordan.

4. At the Group of Seven Ise-Shima Summit in May 2016, Japan offered inclusive assistance towards the stability of the Middle East region (PDF)Open a New Window. The grand aid is part of Japan’s initiative to build a tolerant and stable society in the Middle East.

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