Japan-Israel Relations

June 7, 2019

Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, had a telephone conversation for approximately 30 minutes commencing at 9:00 PM on Friday, June 7, 2019, with H.E. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel. The overview is as follows.

1. In the beginning, Prime Minister Abe expressed his condolences on behalf of the people of Japan to Mrs. Nechama Rivlin who passed away on June 4th. Prime Minister Abe also expressed his sympathy for those affected by the large-scale wild fires in central Israel. Further, Prime Minister Abe welcomed the fact that Japan-Israel relations has been progressing steadily since his visit to Israel in May 2018, and the two leaders shared the view that they will continue to strengthen Japan-Israel relations in all areas, including economic area.

2. The two leaders exchanged views on international issues including the situation in the Middle East region, and shared the view to advance mutual cooperation aimed at stability and prosperity of the region.

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