Japan-ASEAN Relations

Seminar on Capacity Building in Maritime Security

December 16, 2015

1 From December 14th to 16th, as a follow-up on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's keynote speech during last year's May Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the Seminar on Capacity Building in Maritime Security, which continues on from the Seminar on Capacity Building in Maritime Security and Disaster Relief held in September of last year.

2 Officials in charge of foreign and defense policies from the ASEAN countries (note) attended the seminar and exchanged their views with their Japanese counterparts. They were also briefed about Japanese defense equipment by defense industry of Japan.
(note)Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos.

3 Outline of the seminar is as follows:
(1) On the first day (December 14), Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Masakazu Hamachi, began the seminar by delivering his opening remarks, stressing the importance of the seminar as one of Japan's efforts under the policy of ''Proactive Contribution to Peace''. Following the opening remarks, Japanese officials explained Japan's Legislation for Peace and Security, the Development Cooperation Charter, capacity building assistance by MOD/JSDF and defense equipment and technology cooperation.

In response, representatives from the ASEAN countries expressed their positive expectation for Japan's concrete efforts based on ''Proactive Contribution to Peace'', including the Legislation for Peace and Security, and hopes for an increasingly close cooperation between Japan and the ASEAN countries, and posed questions to Japanese officials regarding Japan's various assistance menus.

(2) On the second day (December 15), with the cooperation of the Japanese defense industry, seminar attendees received a briefing on defense equipment which could improve the ASEAN countries' capacities in maritime security, and participated in a tour of Japanese defense equipment industrial works.

(3) On the last day (December 16), delegates from The Philippines and Indonesia, representing the ASEAN countries, delivered a brief to the seminar attendees, on the track record of Japan's various assistance they have received, current problems they face and their needs for further capacity building. Through these discussions, the participants reaffirmed the importance to resolve disputes in the South China Sea by peaceful means.

4 It is hoped that through this seminar the ASEAN countries will develop a deeper understanding of Japan's efforts based on ''Proactive Contribution to Peace,'' and Japan and the ASEAN countries will further strengthen cooperative efforts in the maritime security field.