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October 10, 2017
(photo1) MIRAI Program・2017 1st Group (October Invitaion) Courtesy Call
(photo2) MIRAI Program・2017 1st Group (October Invitaion) Courtesy Call

On October 10th, 84 students participating in MIRAI program 2017 were invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to pay a courtesy call to Mr. Iwao Horii, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, and held a final reporting session. They completed the seven day visit to Japan.

In his opening speech, he stated that Japan is the only G7 member in Asia and has attained the 3rd largest economy in the world. He emphasized that this was precisely because Japan had active exchange with Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus region and others. He also stated that he believed relationship between countries in the international community, to cooperate and speak in one voice, was built on relationship between people. He concluded his remark by encouraging the participants in this program to stay connected within each other and continue exchanges even after the end of the program.

As the representatives of the students, two students made reports; Ms. Sheryl Rense from Netherland’s Leiden University referred to the visit to Keio University and Mr. Anthony O’Shea from Ireland’s University College Dublin recalled her visit to Hiroshima. Mr. Horii replied that he hoped all participants would continue learning through their own eyes because “Seeing is believing”.

(Reference) MIRAI Program
Japan's Friendship Ties Programs for undergraduate and post-graduate university students from Europe, the Central Asia and the Caucasus region. This year’s MIRAI Program will be held by 2 groups; this group 1 in October and group 2 in December (82 participants).

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