Japan-India Relations

December 27, 2016

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan encourages proposals for a wide range of events celebrating the Year of Japan-India Friendly Exchanges. Organizers of events endorsed by the Ministry will be entitled to use the official name "2017 The year of Japan-India friendly exchanges" and the logo in all publicity materials including posters, pamphlets, websites, signboards, and banners.

I Eligibility

  1. Events should take place in Japan or India January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.
  2. Events should aim to promote and strengthen Japan-India relations in various fields.
  3. Aims and contents of events should be clear. Events should have high feasibility.
  4. Events should not advocate any particular principle, ideology or religion. They should not violate public order or standards of decency.
  5. Costs must be fully borne by the organizers.

II Privileges of the Event's recognition

  1. For the recognized event, it will be allowed to use the title of "2017 The Year of Japan-India Friendly Exchanges" as well as the official logo for the anniversary in respective publicized materials-poster, brochure, web-site, billboard, banner, etc.
  2. The recognized event will be registered in the list of commemorative events of the Year of Japan-India Friendly Exchanges'.

III How to get an approval

  1. The necessary documents together with the following documents should be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign affairs or the Embassy of Japan in India, 1 month prior to the planned event's date.
    • Application Form and Pledge (application_form: WordPDFOpen a New Window) (pledge_form: WordPDFOpen a New Window) (pledge logo_form: WordPDFOpen a New Window
    • Details of the event (outline/description of the event)
    • Information on the organizer (outline/description and statute of the organization, past activities)
    • Associated profit and expenses
  2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy will review the application based on the General Guidelines.
  3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy, after such review, will report the result to the applicant in a written form. For the approved event, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy would also send the electronic data of the Logo-mark to the applicant and publish the outline of such event on the Official List of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy's website.

IV Address

In principle, for the applicants residing in Japan, the application shall be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, while, for the applicants residing abroad, the application shall be submitted to the Embassy of Japan in India.

For applicants in Japan

Southwest Asia Division, Southeast and Southwest Asian Affairs Department
Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2-2-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8919
TEL: 03-5501-8267
FAX: 03-5501-8266
Email: indiajapan2017@mofa.go.jp

For applicants residing abroad

Embassy of Japan in India
50-G, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 110021 India
Tel:(91-11)4610-4810, 2412-2970~2
Email: jpembjic@nd.mofa.go.jp


  1. We are unable to return applications, so we recommend you keep a copy for your reference.
  2. Any inquiries regarding the screening process will not be responded to.
  3. In any case should the event be cancelled or a substantive change does not comply with the criteria for endorsement, the endorsement may be cancelled unless any information is reported to the Ministry or the Embassy as soon as possible.

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