Japan's Measures in response to the Terrorist Attacks in the United States

Policy & Measures

Campaign Against Terrorism - Japan's Measures (February 2002)

  1. Diplomatic Efforts to Strengthen International Solidarity
  2. Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law
  3. Refugee assistance
  4. Assistance to Countries Surrounding Afghanistan
  5. International Cooperation to Combat Terrorism
  6. Peace and Reconstruction in Afghanistan

Basic Plan regarding Response Measures Based on the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law (November 16, 2001)


  1. Basic Policy
  2. Details regarding Implementation of Cooperation and Support Activities
  3. Details regarding implementation of search and rescue activities
  4. Details regarding implementation of assistance to the affected people
  5. Details regarding communication and coordination among relevant government agencies for implementation of response measures

Japan's Measures in Response to the Terrorist Attacks in the United States (November 2001)

  1. Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law (passed by the Diet on 29 October)
  2. Refugee Assistance
  3. Emergency Measures to Assist Pakistan(and Afghan refugees in Pakistan)
  4. Discontinuation of Measures in Response to Nuclear Testing Conducted by India and Pakistan
  5. Emergency Aid to Tajikistan (and Afghan refugees in Tajikistan)
  6. Measures to Cut off Terrorists' Funds
  7. Diplomatic Efforts
  8. Other Measures

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