Japan's Measures in response to the Terrorist Attacks in the United States

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Consular Information

Safety Information for Japanese nationals traveling or living abroad is available on the following websites.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

  1. Embassy of Japan (Washington D.C.) +202-238-6700
  2. Consulate-General of Japan in New York +212-371-8222

Latest Information

For the latest development in the transport situation in the United States, please refer to the US. Department of Transportation website (press releases)other site as well as the transport links pages below.

Embassy and Consulate General Websites

The websites of the Embassy and Consulates General of Japan in the United States of America are hosted on servers located in the area around the World Trade Center. In consequence of the recent events, it had not been possible to update information on these websites until recently. While the operation of the Embassy and Consulate General websites is expected to return to normal soon, we will continue to provide the latest information through this website.

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