Resolution on the Coordinated Terrorist Attacks on the United States

House of Representatives
National Diet of Japan

September 27, 2001

The House of Representatives resolves as follows:

The coordinated terrorist attacks inflicted on the United States on September 11 were barbarous and inhuman acts that completely ignored respect for the dignity of human life. They were an outrage that defied the imagination, and an unforgivable act of general provocation not only against the American people but against all human beings.

This House expresses most sincere condolences and sympathy for the very many people who were victimized by terrorism, and shares with the families and all others concerned who have lost loved ones their profound sorrow and feelings of burning indignation.

This House, assuming as a matter of course that those who are responsible for the latest terrorism should be judged under the law and justice, supports the Government and the people of the United States who are bolding fast to their resolution to combat international terrorism, and declares that Japan has a serious obligation, as a member of the international community, to eradicate all terrorist acts from the face of the Earth.

Therefore, the Government should do all it can to ensure the security of our land and people in this time of crisis, extend all possible cooperation by joining forces with the U.S. and all other countries concerned, and then play its own independent role for the security and development of democratic society by positively participating in the activities of international organizations, centering on the United Nations.

* The House of Councilors also adopted the resolution on the Coordinated Terrorist Attacks on the United States on the same day.

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