"ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year 2003"

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Thailand is a key coordinator country in December
(Note) Role of the key coordinator country is shown in the "Guidelines for the implementation of programmes and activities for Exchange Year"

"ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year"

The year of 2003 commemorates the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the ASEAN Cultural Fund, the 40th anniversary of the treaty of amity and commerce between Japan and Indonesia, the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Cambodia and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam. On the proposal of Prime Minister Koizumi in November 2002, Japan and ASEAN leaders agreed to designate this commemorative year 2003 as "ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year" to promote a variety of exchanges that would give further thrust to the building up of the partnership between ASEAN and Japan.

1. "Acting together and advancing together."
The ball is in your court ! Get your commemorative events registered.
  • Each of the ten ASEAN countries and Japan will conduct programmes/events mainly in the designated month as a key coordinator.
  • In Japan, the Organizing Committee for "ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year 2003"(Chairman is Mr. Hiroshi Okuda, Chairman of the Nippon Keidanren) was established at the end of last year. The Organizing Committee receives applications for events from governments, local governments, companies and private institutions. Events recognized by the Committee are registered as commemorative events. (--> Persons/Organizations who have plans for events are advised to apply for them to be recognized as commemorative. The logo mark can then be used in your publicity.)
  • If registered commemorative events of the ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year 2003 are rescheduled due to the spread of SARS, such events can be held by the end of March 2004 (FY 2003) as registered ones using the official title and the logo.
2. Developing a wide range of programmes
For a wide variety of exchanges, the following will be recognized as ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year 2003 programs/events.
- Events in the field of politics, economy, business, society, security, education, science and technology, culture and arts, intellectual exchange and youth exchange.
- Events serving to stimulate building up a "sincere and open partnership" between ASEAN and Japan "acting together and advancing together".
3. Other Information
The ASEAN-Japan Commemorative Summit Meeting
ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year 2003 - CG Goodwill Ambassador Sakura Sanae -

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