TICAD IV Follow-up Mechanism Annual Progress Report 2009
Annual Progress Report 2008  Annual Progress Report DIGEST 2009

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GoJ (MOF): Financial contribution to WCO

Yokohama Action Plan
[2]Provide assistance to build capacity in legal systems, financial control and the public service.
Proposed Measures by Japan/Implementing Partners
● Support to capacity enhancement of policy formulation and implementation in public finance and in macroeconomics
Potential Resources, Possible Contributions
GoJ (MOF): Financial contribution to WCO
Implementing Partners
GoJ/World Customs Organization(WCO)
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Current Status of Implementation 2009

Project Title
Organization of the WCO Revenue Package Workshop (November 2009)
Angola/Burundi/Comoros/Ethiopia/Kenya/Madagascar/Malawi/Mauritius/Mozambique/Rwanda/Seychelles/South Africa/Swaziland/Uganda/Zimbabwe
Completed - The workshop on the status quo and the problem of securing revenue was held in Uganda targeting for the managerial officers from WCO East and South Africa region. An expert was dispatched from Japan to the workshop to introduce the approach to secure revenue.
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