TICAD IV Follow-up Mechanism Annual Progress Report 2009
Annual Progress Report 2008  Annual Progress Report DIGEST 2009
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3.  Consolidation of Peace, Good Governance

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3-2.Humanitarian and reconstruction assistance

Yokohama Action Plan Proposed Measures by Japan/Implementing Partners Implementing
Potential Resources, Possible Contributions (Summary)
[4]Support efforts on disarmament of armed groups, de-mining, destruction of unexploded ordnance, stockpile management and collection of small arms which will contribute to both the restoration of safety, security and good governance and humanitarian and reconstruction efforts. ● Support for the small arm light weapons control and /or stockpile management in Africa GoJ/UNDP/RECSA GoJ:Financial support through Japan-UNDP Partnership Fund

●Concrete projects will be selected through consultations between Japan/Implementing Partners and African countries.
●MDB projects are to be decided.
●$ = US dollars
●Assistance measures written on a yellow ground are those embodied in 2008 (JFY) after TICAD IV.
●Assistance measures written on a pink ground are those embodied in 2009 (JFY) after TICAD IV.

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