TICAD IV Follow-up Mechanism Annual Progress Report 2009
Annual Progress Report 2008  Annual Progress Report 2009
Annual Progress Report 2008

3. Consolidation of Peace, Good Governance [Political dimension of "human security"]

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Actions to be taken in the next 5 years under the TICAD Process(Yokohama Action Plan)

The TICAD process will specifically focus on:

  • (1) Conflict prevention
  • (2) Humanitarian and reconstruction assistance
  • (3) Restoration and maintenance of security
  • (4) Promotion of good governance

Principal measures taken under the TICAD process up to February 2009

Conflict prevention

The Fourth meeting of the AU Panel of the Wise (PoW) was held with the support of the TICAD process. The TICAD process also supports various programs to provide training for conflict prevention, to enhance public awareness, to improve the economic situation in countries affected by or emerging from conflict-situations with specific focus on conflict-prevention and strengthening of human security.

Humanitarian and reconstruction assistance

With support of the TICAD process, implementation has already started or a commitment has already been made in respect of the following programs: improvement of access for basic social infrastructures and services, acceleration of the return of refugees and IDPs to their homeland, assistance for social reintegration, improvement of livelihood, recovering means and capital for production, job training for the youth, assistance for women’s independence, de-mining and DDR. UNV volunteers have been deployed to various UN missions to provide humanitarian and reconstruction assistance.

Restoration and maintenance of security

Training courses, equipment and materials were provided to the five PKO Centers in Africa. Japanese lecturers (Civilian and Self-Defense Force personnel) were dispatched to PKO centers in Ghana and in Egypt. A program aiming to enhance the capacity of NGOs engaged in peace-building is under implementation. A program which addresses the issue of border control and the management of small arms in western Africa is also supported. A capacity-building programmes for the Eastern African Stand-by Brigade (EASBRIG) is under preparation.

Promotion of Good Governance

The NEPAD-OECD African Investment Initiative was extended in the coming three years. The Action Plans in respect of National Reports produced by the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) are under implementation.

Future challenges

▪ It is important to further strengthen support for the Africa Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) under the AU.

▪ The TICAD process needs to continue to provide a wide range of assistance, in a timely and appropriate manner, to support African countries experiencing or emerging from conflict and/or instability, in order to improve the general humanitarian situation on the ground in such countries, as well as to promote the consolidation of peace and good governance.

▪ Under the APRM, further enlargement of membership of this mechanism as well as the prompt and full implementation of National Reports should be pursued so as to promote good governance.

▪ Continued progress in respect of the improvement of governance in/by African countries is an essential element for the further successful promotion of trade with and private sector investment in African countries.

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