TICAD IV Follow-up Mechanism Annual Progress Report 2009
Annual Progress Report 2008  Annual Progress Report DIGEST 2009
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1-2.  Trade,Investment and Tourism  [ Boosting Economic Growth ]

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1-2-3.Assist private sector development

Yokohama Action Plan Proposed Measures by Japan/Implementing Partners Implementing
Potential Resources, Possible Contributions (Summary)
[2]Provide technical support to improve productivity, competitiveness and business expertise in promising industries, taking into account the effectiveness of information and communication technology (ICT). ● Support African countries to develop intellectual property related systems and human resources in order to achieve self-sustained development of competitive local industries as well as improve the investment climate GoJ(METI)/WIPO Offer 1.1million CHF to the WIPO Fund-in-Trust of Japan as voluntary contribution for capacity building per annum from 2008(*)

●Concrete projects will be selected through consultations between Japan/Implementing Partners and African countries.
●MDB projects are to be decided.
●$ = US dollars
●Assistance measures written on a yellow ground are those embodied in 2008 (JFY) after TICAD IV.
●Assistance measures written on a pink ground are those embodied in 2009 (JFY) after TICAD IV.

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