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Foreign Minister MOTEGI to Attend the 56th Munich Security Conference

February 14, 2020

1. On February 15, Mr. MOTEGI Toshimitsu, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, will visit Munich, Germany to attend the 56th Munich Security Conference.

2. At the conference, Minister Motegi will attend a panel discussion under the theme of “Keeping it Pacific: Managing Security Relations in Asia,” and talk about Japan’s foreign and security policy, including the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific.”

3. During his stay in Munich, Minister Motegi is scheduled to hold foreign ministers’ meetings with his counterparts, including from Russia, the Republic of Korea, Iran, and China, respectively, as well as hold a Japan-U.S.-ROK Foreign Ministers’ Meeting.


(1) Munich Security Conference
Established in 1963, the Munich Security Conference is one of the most authoritative international conferences in the field of security. It is held annually in Munich, Germany in February (this year, from February 14 to 16), and is hosted by the Munich Security Conference Secretariat (Chairman Wolfgang Ischinger [former State Secretary (Deputy Foreign Minister) and Ambassadors to the United States and the United Kingdom of Germany]). Every year, the conference is attended by leaders, ministers, and others from the West, including the G7, as well as China and Russia. A wide-ranging discussion is held on not only European but also various other regional and global security issues.

(2) Recent attendees from Japan

(3) Schedule of Minister Motegi’s visit

February 14 Depart Haneda
February 15 Arrive in Munich
February 15 Attend the Munich Security Conference; foreign ministers’ meetings with counterparts
February 15 Depart Munich
February 16 Arrive at Haneda

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