Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality

Listening to the Voice of Youth: Proposal for the Future

December 5, 2022

Participants (Regularly Updated)

Session 1

(image 1) Listening to the Voice of Youth: Proposal for the Future Session 1
JIBU Renge
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Institute of Liberal Arts, Associate Professor (Moderator)
Internatioinal School 8th grade Student
FURUI Kosuke
CEO, POTETO Media, Inc
Chief Editor, The HEADLINE
Clinical Psychotherapist / Licensed Psychologist/ Vice Director, NPO “mimosas”
Food Culture Researcher
Municipal Secretary for Women's Policies and Promotion in the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro
Model (Rapporteur)

Session 2

(image 2) Listening to the Voice of Youth: Proposal for the Future Session 2
IUE Minako
Chair/CEO, Sailors for the Sea Japan (Moderator)
Consultant/ Writer/ Activist
Joe Calvin (ISHIYAMA Joe Calvin)
Fashion Model
Dominika DEMLOVA
Consultant at Deloitte
LEE Yoonji
Michael SINGER
Sophomore at University of Pennsylvania(virual)
Climate tech Investor/ co-founder PLANETech
Tohoku University, Faculty of Science (Rapporteur)

Current situation and challenges to be discussed

According to the World Economic Forum, it will take another 132 years for the world to achieve gender equality(note1). What should be done now to build a gender-equal future for the next generation? The percentage of women in their teens and twenties moving out of rural areas continues to be higher than that of men in the same age group(note2), and it has been pointed out that one of the factors contributing to the outflow is deep-rooted gender stereotypes. Without creating rural areas that are attractive to women, the sustainable development of local communities will not be possible. At the WAW! 2022, we would like to actively listen to the voices of youth for the future. It is the youth who will build a new society. We would like to seriously consider how we can reflect their voices in the present.

For more information on the current situation and challenges concerning youth, please refer to this page (PDF) Open a New Window.

Discussion Topics

  • How do young people in Japan and other countries envision the ideal society? What do they seek from educators and educational institutions to realize their vision?
  • What kind of education do young people think is necessary to prevent unexpected pregnancy, sexual violence, and discrimination, and to enable individuals to have the right to self-determination?
  • What are some good examples of activities by young people who have been leaders in moving society and people to achieve gender equality? What can we do as individuals to create a better tomorrow?
  • What messages would you like to deliver to the speakers of the WAW! 2022 from various fields, and to their governments?
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