August 3, 2022
(logo) TICAD8 TICAD8 logo

1. Meaning of the logo

The logo, created by Tunisia, the host country of TICAD 8, depicts a green Africa along with a red circle associated with the Japanese flag side by side to embody the strengthening partnership between Japan and Africa.

2. Usage of the logo

The TICAD8 logo will be used at official events by the Japanese government and co-organizers of TICAD (United Nations, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), World Bank and African Union Committee (AUC)).
In addition, other partners such as governmental organizations, international organizations, local governments, diplomatic corps, private companies, NGO and other groups from civil societies are able to use the logo at projects that are held in line with the criteria described below.

Criteria for using the logo

(1) The TICAD8 logo (hereinafter referred to as "the logo") may be used only for projects, goods, printed materials, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "projects") that fall under any of the following categories:
  1. Projects that aim to develop the African economy and society, promote the attractiveness of Africa, or build peace in Africa
  2. Projects that contribute to strengthening Japan-Africa relations
(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of the paragraph 1, the logo may not, in principle, be used for any of the following projects:
  1. Projects offensive to public order or public morality, etc.
  2. Projects for profit-making purposes or events not pursued in the public interest, etc.
  3. Projects carried out by a political or religious organization or any equivalent organization, etc.
  4. Projects that are highly political or religious events, etc.
  5. Projects that may promote the interests of a specific organization, etc.
  6. Projects to be hosted by an organization of dubious competence in project management, etc.
  7. Projects that are not expected to facilitate the promotion of Japan or African countries or to promote international friendship or contribute to Japan's diplomacy, etc.
  8. Projects that are not expected to promote friendship between Japan and other countries, etc.
  9. Projects that violates or may violate any law or regulation of the venue of the project, etc.
  10. Projects that are found to be inappropriate (eg, disregarding the spirit of TICAD etc.).
  11. Projects that are not taken measures to prevent infections of COVID-19 required by the venue of events appropriately.

(Note) Even after the permission is granted, the use of the logo would be cancelled and goods using the logo should be recalled, in case it becomes clear that the application was fraud, the logo is used for purposes other than declared purposes, the use of the logo does not meet the criteria, or in case the Government of Japan or the Government of Tunisia deems it necessary.

3. Procedure for using the logo

Fill in the application form, attach the necessary documents and apply to Secretariat for TICAD8 of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan by e-mail. Please make sure that the application reaches 2 weeks before the usage of the logo. Secretariat for TICAD8 will inform you the result of the application.

E-mail for application: TICAD8-LOGO@mofa.go.jp

4. Application period

Application period will be until 31st August 2022. The logo approval will be given to projects that finish before 31st December 2022 in principle.

5. Notes

  • (1) The permission for using the logo does not mean that subsidies will be provided.
  • (2) Documents submitted will not be sent back. Please make sure to make copies if needed.
  • (3) Even if the usage of the logo is permitted, the responsibility of using the logo and implementation of the project lies under the applicant. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and co-hosts will not take any responsibilities.
  • (4) If there are any changes for the purpose and on how to use the logo, or in case the project is cancelled, please inform Secretariat for TICAD8, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan as soon as possible.
  • (5) Even if the permission is given to use the logo, the usage of the logo would be cancelled and the goods using the logo should be recalled in case it is found that the application was fraud or the usage of logo does not meet the criteria.
  • (6) The logo will be sent after approval for applicants that wishes to use the logo. The usage of the logo will be restricted for purpose that was declared upon application.
  • (7) Please do not edit the design of the logo. Please make space between logo and words or other designs. Please make sure that the words written on the logo is readable in size.

6. Application documents

  • Application for use of the TICAD8 logo(Word / PDFOpen a New Window)
    Note: Additional documents may be required upon judgment of the application.
  • Notification of change / cancelation for using the logo(Word / PDFOpen a New Window)

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