October 22, 2018

Title of the exchange year

  • English: Mekong-Japan Exchange Year 2019
  • Japanese: 日メコン交流年2019

[note] Any type of font is allowed to use.

Official Logo: Type

(Image) Color Color
(Image) Black-and-White Black-and-White

Only the logo with English title is official. Color and black-and-white versions are available.

Official Logo: Size

  1. Although the size may be changed, the horizontal and vertical ratio must not be changed.
  2. In the case of magnifying or minimizing the official logo, the wording should be legible.
  3. Do not redistribute data that has been modified in size or pixels.

Official Logo: Composition

  1. Do not change the layout of the title and the figure.
  2. Do not separate the figure or the title into parts.

Official Logo: Layout

  1. Other figures or characters should not touch or overlap the official logo.
  2. In the case of using other figures or characters, those must be a certain margin from the official logo, in order not to be recognized as an integrated design.

Official Logo: Color

  1. For the background, do not use the same or similar colors which are used in the official logo.
  2. Do not change the colors of the official logo.

Notes on usage of the title and the official logo

  1. Only the endorsed events are eligible to use the title and the official logo. In principle the expiry date is 31st December, 2019.
  2. Do not redistribute the official logo to other organizations without permission.
  3. Organizers of endorsed events are required to submit a summary of the event conducted that describes how the title or the official logo were used in the event.
  4. Organizers of endorsed events are responsible in deleting the clean proof and data of the logo after usage.
  5. Organizers of the endorsed events will bear the entire responsibility for the conduct of events. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will bear no responsibility for any consequences related to the event by granting the usage of the title and the official logo.
  6. In any case should the event be cancelled or a substantive change be made, the organizers should promptly inform the relevant circumstances to the application destination. In any case should the event be cancelled or the substantive change does not comply with the criteria for endorsement, the event may be canceled the endorsement as well as the usage of the logo.

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